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Three Days of Dominance - Cari Silverwood You know me, I live for a great erotica read, and I'm not saying Three Days of Dominance isn't one of them. I just couldn't get into it. For me, a female cop getting into a BDSM relationship as a sub raises a few flags. To me, there just isn't that damsel-in-distress factor going, or that soft femininity image I have going on. To me, a female cop should be rough and tough and able to hang with her male counterparts in a very competitive and hazardous job. So it's a stretch for me to see her as a sub, though, I could get into it if there were certain circumstances. However those circumstances don't appear in Three Days of Dominance - what we have is a dog stranded on some sort of water surrounded area? And a fey prince just happens to appear and offer his help to rescue the dog, because the poor helpless policewoman just couldn't figure out how to rescue it. In return, he asks her to obey him for three days. Sure she's busy trying to solve a burglary case, but let's not really think about what a life threatening situation dealing with criminals might be, instead let's space out in front of criminals, allow them to run away because we're lost in thought as our girlie parts throb and ache for someone we just met. Ugh. Just couldn't get into this story after that. Don't get me wrong, Cari Silverwood is a great author and I've enjoyed her other stories. Three Days of Dominance just isn't one of them.
One Stiletto in the Grave (Reaper in Heels, #1) - Jason Krumbine Ugh! Present tense. Not bothering to continue. :(
Dark Master - Tawny Taylor It's June 26, and I've had this book open since June 5 on my Kindle. But I'm finally calling it. Just can't finish it. The female lead (can't bother to learn her name) is just so annoying and such a complainer. I really can't stand that type of whiny character.She totally reminds me of Charlaine Harris' Sookie "I'm not a kept woman" character. So annoying.
Undercover Professor - December Gephart When it comes to dating, Lucy has some rules – lots of them. They’ve been honed and perfected after several years of bad breakups and bad relationships. So why is it that when she meets Andy all her rules seem to fly out the window?But unemployed Andy who lives with his mom and has no career prospects isn’t all he seems to be. He’s actually Dr. Andrew Sullivan, a sociology professor posing as an unemployed gamer trying to get the lowdown on gamer’s relationships for his new book.Lucy is currently in a relationship with a guy who meets all her checklist, but then why doesn’t she feel what Andy makes her feel when they kiss? Just when she’s about to throw caution to the wind and give into what she feels for Andy, she finds out her crazy cousin, Becca, is in love with him and already planning their wedding.Things get way more complicated and it’s a roller coaster ride of emotions until the truth is finally revealed. Will Lucy ever forgive Andy for breaking her most important rule that he must never lie?Undercover Professor features: romance sexual content suspense humorhttp://readourlipsblog.blogspot.com/2013/09/review-undercover-professor-by-december.html#more
Enjoying the Show - Marie Harte Enjoying The Show is a great read I only wish was longer. Hailey’s the embodiment of every man’s fantasy, but no one seems to get her as excited as her friend’s sexy exhibitionist neighbor who always gives her and her group of friends the best girl’s night out.She fantasizes about him all the time until one day she happens to meet him face-to-face. She learns his name is Gage and he is pissed! He’s tired of Hailey and her friends constantly spying on him, and he threatens to turn her into the police unless she agrees to go out on a date with him.Hailey can’t believe what she’s hearing and reluctantly agrees to his terms. Little does she know Gage isn’t all that he seems. He’s got secrets and he’s going to give her the surprise of her life. Will Hailey ever be the same again?Enjoying The Show features: erotica themes voyeurism exhibitionism humor oral sex dirty talk quick readhttp://readourlipsblog.blogspot.com/2013/09/review-enjoying-show-by-marie-harte.html#more
Jilted - Kelly Jamieson Devon is down on her luck. She’s just been let go from her dream job, which cost her the love of her life – Josh. Shortly after their break up, Josh found comfort in the arms of Devon’s best friend, Allie.Feeling betrayed, Devon is now out a best friend and the man she loved. But she’s got to put that all aside as a possible employment opportunity springs up at the same time and place where her ex best friend and boyfriend are getting married!With the last of her money about to disappear for good, she makes the trip to Promise Harbor and drops by the wedding to not alert anyone to her streak of bad luck.Devon looks at Josh and her heart falters, and just when things seem to get to the point of no return, chaos ensues and Allie’s ex boyfriend stops the wedding and takes the bride away.Everyone is stunned, especially the groom, Josh. Devon quickly tells him how sorry she is, but Josh is in shock over the events. He sets out to find his bride, thinking her ex possibly kidnapped her to an island where Josh and Allie were to have their honeymoon.Devon tells Josh she’d be happy to join him in the hunt for his vanished bride, though she keeps the truth to herself that the person she needs to talk to for a potential job is vacationing on the same island Josh is visiting. Josh is happy for the company and can’t help but reminisce about old times with the girl that broke his heart.As the book progresses, we get an insight into several characters who are residents of the small town Josh and Devon came from and how and why they really broke up. But Devon is distracted as she’s desperate to talk to the one man who can hire her now that she has no job. Josh on the other hand, suddenly realizes what a chance he has to rekindle his relationship with Devon as he finally discovers what really happened with Allie.Could this be a second chance for Devon and Josh or are things to complicated for them to get together and find their happily ever after?Jilted features: erotica themes romance oral sex mysteryhttp://readourlipsblog.blogspot.com/2013/09/review-jilted-promise-harbor-wedding-1.html#more
The Elite - Kiera Cass Kierra Cass’ (KS) second installment of The Selection Series, The Elite has me just as excited as the first book, The Selection did (See my review for Book 1 here).In The Elite, America’s story continues and the love triangle between her, Prince Maxon and Aspen runs strong, tearing you for one team one moment, then the other the next. I’ve never been so torn in a book series before and I really can’t stand this angst of waiting for America to choose between these two guys who’ve captured my heart.In the background of America trying to choose who her heart belongs to, things are falling down around her. The rebel attacks have become more frequent and they are getting closer to achieving their goal of killing the royal family and her in the process.Also, America and Maxon discover something illicit about their oh-not-so-perfect founder that will rock everyone’s beliefs and could bring the “utopia” around them to an end. Will they reveal what they find and will people believe them?Plus, the other contestants are sharpening their claws and taking out their big guns in trying to get Maxon to be theirs! *flails* I’m torn with the lengths one contestant went to and America saw EVERYTHING! *sobs* I don’t know what I would have done in her place.On one hand, Maxon comes with a whole kingdom and the chance to change life as everyone knows it, but damn! Ugh! Okay, okay! I’d totally bust heads over it – who are we kidding? LOL But that would have cost me the contest and putting food on my family’s table! Ugh! *double sobs*You’ll just have to read for yourself and let me know what you’d do. The worst part of it all is we have to wait until May 2014 …2014!!!until we get the third and final installment of this book series: The One and we’ll finally know who America will choose or who will choose her by that time? Seems like the competition for Maxon is getting pretty stiff. ;) The Elite Features: Young Adult making out kissing no sexual content mystery intrigue suspense romancehttp://readourlipsblog.blogspot.com/2013/09/review-elite-selection-2-by-kiera-cass.html#more

The Selection

The Selection - The Selection by Kiera Cass is a dystopian book I fell in love with!Backstory:This world is set various years in the future and we are told the U.S. was in serious debt to the Chinese. The Chinese got tired of waiting for their money, so they attacked the U.S. and took over. While in a transition state, the Russians saw an opportunity and attacked as well.A private U.S. citizen, Gregory Illéa, who had a lot wealth and power, fought back the Chinese and Russians, setting the U.S. free. People were tired of their old ways and set out to make a new country, calling it Illea after their hero.A system of Castes began, and there are a total of Eight Castes with Ones being the richest and most privileged, and the Eights being a little above slaves. At the head of the country are a King and his Queen.To offset the chances that anyone can be on top, if there ever is an unmarried prince of age, every eligible girl from any Caste can enter a contest called The Selection. In The Selection, the prince chooses thirty-five girls from all the entrants and moves them to his castle. From there, there are several contests and trials the girls must pass before they are chosen the queen.(Life isn’t so bad for the losers. As a consolation prize, the cast-off girls marry prominent men who can brag their wives made it to The Selection.)The new system isn’t without it’s problems, though. The rich always want to get richer and suppress everyone else *le sigh* So there are a lot of rebels who constantly attack the palace and try to kill the King and Queen.Story:We meet America – she’s seventeen and her family are artists. She’s a Five. She lives a good life, though sometimes food and supplies are scarce when they can’t find work. Still, she’s pretty much a happy soul and more importantly she’s in love with Aspen, who’s nineteen and a Six (Servant class).For two years, they’ve met in secret at America’s tree house. One night, he tells her to enter The Selection as he could never forgive himself if she didn’t take a chance to better her and her family’s life. America goes along with it, amidst pressure from her family who sees it as way to improve their lives. But for America, becoming Prince Maxon’s wife is the furthest thing from her mind. He doesn’t mean anything to her. He’s just a face she sees on TV. America never thinks she’s ever going be chosen and keeps on living her life.Just when things seem at their brightest and it looks like Aspen is going to ask America to marry him, Aspen tells America that he can no longer be with her. Devastated, America doesn’t have time to process the breakup because she’s told she’s one of the thirty-five girls selected to enter The Selection.On the day she’s set to leave for the castle, she sees Aspen with another girl! *faints* Determined to put Aspen behind, she goes wholehearted into the contest. It helps that her family gets paid for every week she remains there, so she tries to make the best of it.On her first night there, all she wants to do is be outside and explore the palace gardens, but the guards tell her she needs to go back to her room. Things are about to escalate until guess who comes along to her rescue? You guessed it, Prince Maxon! *faints*Even though America’s seen him countless times on TV, nothing prepares her for seeing him in person. He’s nineteen and so handsome, but don’t get too excited, she’s still pining for Aspen and mending her broken heart.Still, America is honest with Maxon from the get-go and they become fast friends. She tells him she’s just there for the food and he makes a deal with her to keep her around as long as he can so her family can keep getting money. LOLAs time goes by, America forgets all about Aspen and starts falling for Maxon as not only is she doing right by her family, but she sees a chance to change the entire country should she actually win the contest. As you can guess by now, Maxon has fallen for America and is only waiting for her to come around and love him, too. *awww* He’s all sorts of caring and thoughtful to America and her family I can’t stand it *flails*But just when America is all set to give her heart to Maxon, the unthinkable happens – Aspen shows up at the palace. He’s been drafted into the military and is part of the palace guards! *faints* His status has now changed to that of a Two and he’s dead set on getting America back now that he can provide for her.But now that America’s in The Selection, she is considered property of the prince. If she’s caught with another man, she could be sentenced to death. But that’s not the worst of her problems. The rest of the girls in the contest will stop at nothing to win Maxon’s heart and the kingdom. Can America rise to the top?My Thoughts:The Selection is all sorts of inventive, and I loved how the author who seems like she is awesome (check out her blog), went to such lengths to create such an amazing world. I love all the flaws that come with this “utopia” the government is pushing on the people. Love how everyone is just on the brink of a riot, the rebels keep attacking the palace, and yet in the backdrop we have this little bachelor contest going on, distracting the people from the true problems in society.Plus, you know how much I love a love triangle. I can’t get enough of Prince Maxon and Aspen! *le pants* Who is America going to choose?I can’t wait to see what happens in book two, The Elite!The Selection Features: Young Adult making out kissing no sexual content mystery intrigue suspense romancehttp://readourlipsblog.blogspot.com/2013/06/review-selection-selection-1-by-kiera.html#more
Big Bad: An Erotic Tale - Tricia Fleming I really enjoyed the twist in this book based on Red Riding Hood and the sexxy scenes had a lot of potential, but there were so many glaring basic grammar issues that I just couldn't continue the story.
Lady Starling's Stockings - Cerise DeLand Lady Solange is a spy, exposing men and their evil deeds in league with Napoleon. She’s only had one love, Mister Noir, but it’s been a long time since she sees him, given her line of work.So when she encounters him one night, her whole world is turned upside down. But with Napoleon threatening the free world again, will she be able to indulge in her wildest fantasies?If you’re really into history and are a die hard Napoleon fan, you’ll be sure to love Lady Starling’s Stockings. It was just a bit too much history for my taste. http://readourlipsblog.blogspot.com/2013/06/review-lady-starlings-stockings-by.html#more
Dead Ever After - Charlaine Harris All the spoilers were true, but yet they entertained me more than this book which was utterly boring. What a horrible way to end this series. I'm so disappointed I don't know what to say. I think this picture sums up all my disappointment LOL *sad julie*
Claimed for the Master's Pleasure - Jan Bowles In Claimed For The Master’s Pleasure (CFTMP) by Jan Bowles, Lia has had a lot of bad luck come her way. Reeling from her fiance’s accidental death in a car crash, Lia moves in with her dad. She’s taking her fiance’s death to heart as he was also her Dom. Bad luck rears its head again and it’s not long before her dad dies, too.Ever since she was a young’un Lia has been told that gambling is probably the worst offense against God and Country on earth. So imagine her surprise when she learns her dead father left a $1.3 million gambling debt before he died.Jake Benetti, the casino’s owner and friendly debt collector lets her know she better pay up or he’s taking any assets Lia’s father left for her in his will. Distraught, Lia has no clue what she’s going to do.Jake, who is likewise reeling from the death of his wife, who was his sub, is shocked at seeing Lia since Lia looks just like his dead wife. He is richer than Midas and can easily pay off the millions in debt, but he decides to make Lia an offer she can’t refuse when he notices she has a bracelet that tells the world she’s into the BDSM scene.Is Lia the sub he’s been waiting for and is Jake the Dom for Lia?*********************When I first saw the cover of CFTMP, I knew just what I was going to get when I read it. After reading the blurb, I imagined all this crazy, sexxy play and wondered how they were going to tally their sexxy play to come up with the debt Lia owed. *fans self*But mid-way through CFTMP, I lost interest in it. It’s written in a very repetitive style as every detail is retold over and over and this gets to be very distracting. (Can you count how many times in the Excerpt we hear how Lia looks like his dead wife and how inefficient yet their-hearts-are-in-the-right-place his guards are?)I also couldn’t grasp how someone who has been born to hate gambling would in a span of seconds accept it and go along with the flow such as Lia does. Lia doesn’t even put up a fight and just goes along with Jake when he realizes what her bracelet’s all about. CFTMP offered a very predictable HEA to the end and just wasn’t’ what I expected at all.I mean seriously, what casino owner allows someone to incur that much debt? It was just staggering and then it’s easily forgotten when we learn Jake has so much money, $1.3 million is just like $20 to him. So it was annoying how everything was so smoothly transitioned and no conflict was ever present for long. I’m guessing the author was limited by space as it was a short read and she couldn’t take her time to flesh out the story more or delete the repetitive areas.CFTMP features: spanking knife play BDSM oral sex quick readhttp://readourlipsblog.blogspot.com/2013/06/review-claimed-for-masters-pleasure.html#more
The Stranger - Kyra Davis When I picked up The Stranger by Kyra Davis, I was expecting just a short read on a hot,sexxy night with a stranger and then back to business as usual with a side of wink! wink! it’s our secret! But that wasn’t at all what I got.The Stranger is more about what happens after your one-night stand hunts you down, throws you a business offer you can’t refuse or everyone will know you cheated (and no one can know because you life will be over), and won’t take no for an answer, even if he knows you’re going to get married. But it’s not a happy marriage you’re going into – it’s to an off-the-charts-boring dude who doesn’t satisfy you in the bedroom and represses the shit out of you. Yeah, that’s what you’re fighting to save. *le sigh*This book was good, but I just wanted the book to end at the hotel room – where the book cover makes me think everything was going down – and not spill out into her life. It also ends in a cliffie and since the cliffie didn’t make me immediately grab for book 2, I knew this wasn’t the book for me. Complete shocker – I know. I must be in a funk or something!http://readourlipsblog.blogspot.com/2013/06/review-stranger-just-one-night-part-1.html#more
Revenge of the Homecoming Queen (Aspen Brooks, #1) - Stephanie Hale I picked up Revenge of the Homecoming Queen (ROHQ) due to a case of serious Cover Lust! I didn’t expect to like it as much as I did, though, but I couldn’t help falling for its campy, YA humor.Amber Brooks is the most popular girl in high school and dating the hottest, most popular boy as expected. She’s all but got the Homecoming Queen title in the bag, but her nemesis, the head cheerleader, Angel Ives, isn’t going to let her get it so easily.But Angel isn’t Amber’s only problem. Amber’s boyfriend is a major prankster and just rallied the school to vote ultra-dork, Rand Bachrach as the Homecoming King along with Ashley as Queen, upsetting Amber’s plans. Amber is shocked, but somewhat happy she doesn’t have to be queen along with Rand.But then strange things start happening at school and Amber starts spending time with Rand, who turns out to be not such a dork after all. Then everything changes when Angel comes up missing and all fingers point to Amber. Will Amber find out who is responsible for all the creepy events and disappearances plaguing her high school?*************ROHQ is an enjoyable read that features a lot of humor and really drives home the message that looks aren’t everything in life. The only place it really missed the boat was showcasing unnecessary sexual scenes/acts.First of all, if you have to allude to a sexual act and not showcase it, For example: “I heard Shelly gave a BJ to Luke” or “Last night we had the most amazing sex.” That right there – at least to me as a reader – is a recipe for disaster. Why even bring it up at all? Just say there was talk of them getting hot and bothered or we took our relationship to the next level. That’s it. No need to go “there” if you’re not going to go “there,” you know what I mean?Also, these are kids in high school and I’m not sure if they were 18 or not, but these kind of allusions to gratuitous sex scenes didn’t cut it for me at all. They did nothing to further the plot and they shouldn’t have been there in the first place. If the author had taken these two scenes out, ROHQ would have easily gotten 5 Kisses from me. But since they were there, my rating goes down to 3 Kisses. Yeah, you know it’s bad when the sex fiend I tell you to take out the sex in your book. LOLStill, ROHQ was an okay read that had me laughing and you’ll never guess the twist at the end at who was actually getting revenge on the Homecoming Queen. ROHQ features: oral sex* sexual content* f/f kissing humor mystery suspense kidnapping revenge *content is alluded tohttp://readourlipsblog.blogspot.com/2013/06/review-revenge-of-homecoming-queen.html#more
Retribution (The Devil's Kiss, #3) - Gemma James Retribution, Gemma James’ (GJ) last installment of The Devil’s Kiss trilogy takes off right after the end of the last book, Enslaved.I was on the edge of my seat during the entire read. Twists that hit you from nowhere and unexpected turns are what await you in this exciting read.In this series finale, Kayla struggles with her feelings for Gage, her ex-boyfriend Ian, and wouldn’t you know it, her ex-husband also makes an appearance.Retribution is a quick, hot read you won’t soon forget! I never saw the ending coming and I’m still reeling from the emotions it caused. I had the pleasure of speaking to the author and GJ revealed there isn’t a continuation (not planned as of yet) but who really knows, Fellow Readers? Maybe if there’s a huge response from readers we can continue this amazing story forever! Winking smile *crosses fingers* http://readourlipsblog.blogspot.com/2013/05/review-retribution-devils-kiss-3-by.html?showComment=1368213634359#c4871695381163683795
Twice Tempted - Jeaniene Frost *le sigh* I’m done, Fellow Readers. Twice Tempted, the second installment from the Night Prince Series by Jeaniene Frost is the last book I’m reading from the series. I really love Jeaniene Frost and the worlds she creates, but with the Night Prince Series, I can’t get over how cheated and conned I feel.I mean what exactly am I being led to believe I’m going to get? The series is called Night Prince. Who’s the Night Prince? Vlad. Who is on the cover of the books? Vlad. Who’s the book SUPPOSED to be about? You guessed it, Vlad. But is that really what I get? No. Instead of getting Vlad, I get Leila. Sure she’s written to convince me she’s this amazing, great character, but newsflash: I don’t care about her. The first book in this series, Once Burned, was a bit more tolerable because Leila was around Vlad so much and we got to see more of him, but in book two, this is not the case.Leila and Vlad are having some couple problems – one of which is that Vlad doesn’t have a toilet installed in his bedroom and Leila has to walk all the way to her room if she has to go. And in a plot straight out of fan fiction, Leila takes off because she can’t deal. For the majority of the book, we are with Leila as she’s trying to decide what to do while fighting off Vlad’s enemies who want her dead. *Yawns*We see very little of Vlad in this book and it just isn’t what I signed up for. If there is ever a book in the future planned in Vlad’s POV, then I’m all over it. Otherwise, it’s been great. http://readourlipsblog.blogspot.com/2013/06/review-twice-tempted-night-prince-2-by.html#more

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