Three Days of Dominance - Cari Silverwood You know me, I live for a great erotica read, and I'm not saying Three Days of Dominance isn't one of them. I just couldn't get into it. For me, a female cop getting into a BDSM relationship as a sub raises a few flags. To me, there just isn't that damsel-in-distress factor going, or that soft femininity image I have going on. To me, a female cop should be rough and tough and able to hang with her male counterparts in a very competitive and hazardous job. So it's a stretch for me to see her as a sub, though, I could get into it if there were certain circumstances. However those circumstances don't appear in Three Days of Dominance - what we have is a dog stranded on some sort of water surrounded area? And a fey prince just happens to appear and offer his help to rescue the dog, because the poor helpless policewoman just couldn't figure out how to rescue it. In return, he asks her to obey him for three days. Sure she's busy trying to solve a burglary case, but let's not really think about what a life threatening situation dealing with criminals might be, instead let's space out in front of criminals, allow them to run away because we're lost in thought as our girlie parts throb and ache for someone we just met. Ugh. Just couldn't get into this story after that. Don't get me wrong, Cari Silverwood is a great author and I've enjoyed her other stories. Three Days of Dominance just isn't one of them.