Jilted - Kelly Jamieson Devon is down on her luck. She’s just been let go from her dream job, which cost her the love of her life – Josh. Shortly after their break up, Josh found comfort in the arms of Devon’s best friend, Allie.Feeling betrayed, Devon is now out a best friend and the man she loved. But she’s got to put that all aside as a possible employment opportunity springs up at the same time and place where her ex best friend and boyfriend are getting married!With the last of her money about to disappear for good, she makes the trip to Promise Harbor and drops by the wedding to not alert anyone to her streak of bad luck.Devon looks at Josh and her heart falters, and just when things seem to get to the point of no return, chaos ensues and Allie’s ex boyfriend stops the wedding and takes the bride away.Everyone is stunned, especially the groom, Josh. Devon quickly tells him how sorry she is, but Josh is in shock over the events. He sets out to find his bride, thinking her ex possibly kidnapped her to an island where Josh and Allie were to have their honeymoon.Devon tells Josh she’d be happy to join him in the hunt for his vanished bride, though she keeps the truth to herself that the person she needs to talk to for a potential job is vacationing on the same island Josh is visiting. Josh is happy for the company and can’t help but reminisce about old times with the girl that broke his heart.As the book progresses, we get an insight into several characters who are residents of the small town Josh and Devon came from and how and why they really broke up. But Devon is distracted as she’s desperate to talk to the one man who can hire her now that she has no job. Josh on the other hand, suddenly realizes what a chance he has to rekindle his relationship with Devon as he finally discovers what really happened with Allie.Could this be a second chance for Devon and Josh or are things to complicated for them to get together and find their happily ever after?Jilted features: erotica themes romance oral sex mysteryhttp://readourlipsblog.blogspot.com/2013/09/review-jilted-promise-harbor-wedding-1.html#more