Revenge of the Homecoming Queen (Aspen Brooks, #1) - Stephanie Hale I picked up Revenge of the Homecoming Queen (ROHQ) due to a case of serious Cover Lust! I didn’t expect to like it as much as I did, though, but I couldn’t help falling for its campy, YA humor.Amber Brooks is the most popular girl in high school and dating the hottest, most popular boy as expected. She’s all but got the Homecoming Queen title in the bag, but her nemesis, the head cheerleader, Angel Ives, isn’t going to let her get it so easily.But Angel isn’t Amber’s only problem. Amber’s boyfriend is a major prankster and just rallied the school to vote ultra-dork, Rand Bachrach as the Homecoming King along with Ashley as Queen, upsetting Amber’s plans. Amber is shocked, but somewhat happy she doesn’t have to be queen along with Rand.But then strange things start happening at school and Amber starts spending time with Rand, who turns out to be not such a dork after all. Then everything changes when Angel comes up missing and all fingers point to Amber. Will Amber find out who is responsible for all the creepy events and disappearances plaguing her high school?*************ROHQ is an enjoyable read that features a lot of humor and really drives home the message that looks aren’t everything in life. The only place it really missed the boat was showcasing unnecessary sexual scenes/acts.First of all, if you have to allude to a sexual act and not showcase it, For example: “I heard Shelly gave a BJ to Luke” or “Last night we had the most amazing sex.” That right there – at least to me as a reader – is a recipe for disaster. Why even bring it up at all? Just say there was talk of them getting hot and bothered or we took our relationship to the next level. That’s it. No need to go “there” if you’re not going to go “there,” you know what I mean?Also, these are kids in high school and I’m not sure if they were 18 or not, but these kind of allusions to gratuitous sex scenes didn’t cut it for me at all. They did nothing to further the plot and they shouldn’t have been there in the first place. If the author had taken these two scenes out, ROHQ would have easily gotten 5 Kisses from me. But since they were there, my rating goes down to 3 Kisses. Yeah, you know it’s bad when the sex fiend I tell you to take out the sex in your book. LOLStill, ROHQ was an okay read that had me laughing and you’ll never guess the twist at the end at who was actually getting revenge on the Homecoming Queen. ROHQ features: oral sex* sexual content* f/f kissing humor mystery suspense kidnapping revenge *content is alluded to