The Elite - Kiera Cass Kierra Cass’ (KS) second installment of The Selection Series, The Elite has me just as excited as the first book, The Selection did (See my review for Book 1 here).In The Elite, America’s story continues and the love triangle between her, Prince Maxon and Aspen runs strong, tearing you for one team one moment, then the other the next. I’ve never been so torn in a book series before and I really can’t stand this angst of waiting for America to choose between these two guys who’ve captured my heart.In the background of America trying to choose who her heart belongs to, things are falling down around her. The rebel attacks have become more frequent and they are getting closer to achieving their goal of killing the royal family and her in the process.Also, America and Maxon discover something illicit about their oh-not-so-perfect founder that will rock everyone’s beliefs and could bring the “utopia” around them to an end. Will they reveal what they find and will people believe them?Plus, the other contestants are sharpening their claws and taking out their big guns in trying to get Maxon to be theirs! *flails* I’m torn with the lengths one contestant went to and America saw EVERYTHING! *sobs* I don’t know what I would have done in her place.On one hand, Maxon comes with a whole kingdom and the chance to change life as everyone knows it, but damn! Ugh! Okay, okay! I’d totally bust heads over it – who are we kidding? LOL But that would have cost me the contest and putting food on my family’s table! Ugh! *double sobs*You’ll just have to read for yourself and let me know what you’d do. The worst part of it all is we have to wait until May 2014 …2014!!!until we get the third and final installment of this book series: The One and we’ll finally know who America will choose or who will choose her by that time? Seems like the competition for Maxon is getting pretty stiff. ;) The Elite Features: Young Adult making out kissing no sexual content mystery intrigue suspense romance