Claimed for the Master's Pleasure - Jan Bowles In Claimed For The Master’s Pleasure (CFTMP) by Jan Bowles, Lia has had a lot of bad luck come her way. Reeling from her fiance’s accidental death in a car crash, Lia moves in with her dad. She’s taking her fiance’s death to heart as he was also her Dom. Bad luck rears its head again and it’s not long before her dad dies, too.Ever since she was a young’un Lia has been told that gambling is probably the worst offense against God and Country on earth. So imagine her surprise when she learns her dead father left a $1.3 million gambling debt before he died.Jake Benetti, the casino’s owner and friendly debt collector lets her know she better pay up or he’s taking any assets Lia’s father left for her in his will. Distraught, Lia has no clue what she’s going to do.Jake, who is likewise reeling from the death of his wife, who was his sub, is shocked at seeing Lia since Lia looks just like his dead wife. He is richer than Midas and can easily pay off the millions in debt, but he decides to make Lia an offer she can’t refuse when he notices she has a bracelet that tells the world she’s into the BDSM scene.Is Lia the sub he’s been waiting for and is Jake the Dom for Lia?*********************When I first saw the cover of CFTMP, I knew just what I was going to get when I read it. After reading the blurb, I imagined all this crazy, sexxy play and wondered how they were going to tally their sexxy play to come up with the debt Lia owed. *fans self*But mid-way through CFTMP, I lost interest in it. It’s written in a very repetitive style as every detail is retold over and over and this gets to be very distracting. (Can you count how many times in the Excerpt we hear how Lia looks like his dead wife and how inefficient yet their-hearts-are-in-the-right-place his guards are?)I also couldn’t grasp how someone who has been born to hate gambling would in a span of seconds accept it and go along with the flow such as Lia does. Lia doesn’t even put up a fight and just goes along with Jake when he realizes what her bracelet’s all about. CFTMP offered a very predictable HEA to the end and just wasn’t’ what I expected at all.I mean seriously, what casino owner allows someone to incur that much debt? It was just staggering and then it’s easily forgotten when we learn Jake has so much money, $1.3 million is just like $20 to him. So it was annoying how everything was so smoothly transitioned and no conflict was ever present for long. I’m guessing the author was limited by space as it was a short read and she couldn’t take her time to flesh out the story more or delete the repetitive areas.CFTMP features: spanking knife play BDSM oral sex quick read