The Stranger - Kyra Davis When I picked up The Stranger by Kyra Davis, I was expecting just a short read on a hot,sexxy night with a stranger and then back to business as usual with a side of wink! wink! it’s our secret! But that wasn’t at all what I got.The Stranger is more about what happens after your one-night stand hunts you down, throws you a business offer you can’t refuse or everyone will know you cheated (and no one can know because you life will be over), and won’t take no for an answer, even if he knows you’re going to get married. But it’s not a happy marriage you’re going into – it’s to an off-the-charts-boring dude who doesn’t satisfy you in the bedroom and represses the shit out of you. Yeah, that’s what you’re fighting to save. *le sigh*This book was good, but I just wanted the book to end at the hotel room – where the book cover makes me think everything was going down – and not spill out into her life. It also ends in a cliffie and since the cliffie didn’t make me immediately grab for book 2, I knew this wasn’t the book for me. Complete shocker – I know. I must be in a funk or something!