Twice Tempted - Jeaniene Frost *le sigh* I’m done, Fellow Readers. Twice Tempted, the second installment from the Night Prince Series by Jeaniene Frost is the last book I’m reading from the series. I really love Jeaniene Frost and the worlds she creates, but with the Night Prince Series, I can’t get over how cheated and conned I feel.I mean what exactly am I being led to believe I’m going to get? The series is called Night Prince. Who’s the Night Prince? Vlad. Who is on the cover of the books? Vlad. Who’s the book SUPPOSED to be about? You guessed it, Vlad. But is that really what I get? No. Instead of getting Vlad, I get Leila. Sure she’s written to convince me she’s this amazing, great character, but newsflash: I don’t care about her. The first book in this series, Once Burned, was a bit more tolerable because Leila was around Vlad so much and we got to see more of him, but in book two, this is not the case.Leila and Vlad are having some couple problems – one of which is that Vlad doesn’t have a toilet installed in his bedroom and Leila has to walk all the way to her room if she has to go. And in a plot straight out of fan fiction, Leila takes off because she can’t deal. For the majority of the book, we are with Leila as she’s trying to decide what to do while fighting off Vlad’s enemies who want her dead. *Yawns*We see very little of Vlad in this book and it just isn’t what I signed up for. If there is ever a book in the future planned in Vlad’s POV, then I’m all over it. Otherwise, it’s been great.