Ultimatum (The Devil's Kiss, #1) - Gemma James Kayla is desperate. Her daughter, Eve, is in need of medical attention, but she can no longer afford the treatments. In a moment of weakness, Kayla steals $10,000 from her workplace, hoping no one discovers she’s taken the money.But Kayla isn’t so lucky and her boss, Gage (who has secretly obsessed over her), brings her into his office. He gives her an ultimatum, go to jail for the theft or submit to him as his slave. If Kayla submits, he’ll also cover all of her daughter’s medical expenses and make sure she is well taken care of. Kayla, seeing no way out, agrees to his request.From then on, you get on an emotional rollercoaster as Kayla must submit to Gage to avoid going to jail and get her daughter the treatment she needs. Ultimatum is a short read, but it whets your appetite for what’s to come.I can’t wait to see what develops as Gage puts up an indifferent exterior, but every so often he slips and lets Kayla know he’s had feelings for her. For her part, Kayla comes from a tortured past and experiences things with Gage that no other man has ever made her feel.Complicating matters is Ian, an old boyfriend Kayla was with. She bumps into him at her daughter’s hospital and I just know something’s going to happen with him. I can’t wait to dive into the next book, Enslaved.Ultimatum features: BDSM whipping spanking backdoor playhttp://readourlipsblog.blogspot.com/2013/03/review-giveawayultimatum-devils-kiss-1.html#more