My Fair Succubi (Succubus Diaries) - Jill Myles In the third installment of The Succubus Diaries, we find Jackie and Noah at an archeological dig in Mexico where Jackie is excited at finally finding some artifacts. She goes to share her news with Noah, only to find out Noah has some important news of his own: a turquoise box with a ring in it!Instead of being excited – like a normal girl – Jackie is filled with a sense of dread at Noah’s marriage proposal. Disappointed in her reaction, Noah leaves. As Jackie stuffs her face with Pop Tarts, she spots a painting of a girl dated from 1506 among Noah’s things. Oh, did I mention this girl looks identical to her before she was transformed to a succubus?Before Jackie can think too much on it, she gets a call from Remy – or who she thinks is Remy. It’s not long before Joachim reveals himself, letting Jackie know the evil spirit has taken hold of Remy once more.Jackie quickly moves to action, snagging her passport, the picture, and Noah’s ring, and sets out to rescue her friend. But as soon as she steps outside, she realizes she’s in a lot of trouble of her own. Apparently it was against the supernatural rules for Jackie to be created and Noah is taken prisoner to be judged by his kind.We meet a new supernatural in My Fair Succubi – Ethan, who’s an Enforcer (a Nephilim created from the union of an angel and a succubus). They are gifted with supernatural strength and never sleep, making them the perfect guardians of the angels.Finally, Noah and Jackie learn their fate. Noah is punished with having to do 100 tasks the angels give him – a form of slavery, while Jackie is sentenced to death, unless she agrees to carry a child for one of the angels. Jackie turns the offer down, but after using her talents to get free, she strikes a deal with the archangel Gabriel. He will let her go if she gives him Joachim’s halo. How she gets it out of Remy is her problem, but he will reward her with a boon (a wish) if she is successful.Jackie agrees and sets out with Ethan’s help to rescue Noah. When Jackie finally finds Noah, he is so far out of it from need that Noah basically turns into a Dom, and engages in a super HOTTT scene with Jackie. How hotttt was it? It was so hottt, I made a new Book Category: Hot Reads and I couldn’t resist making a new badge for this category as well:ROL HotReads pic This completely lends an ENTIRELY differentmeaning to my *fans self* phrase LOLFinally, the ‘Obey Your Master’ command function every succubus is susceptible to comes into play and I loved it! Jackie enjoys it as well, but after all is said and done, Noah tells her that he can’t go with her. Jackie leaves with Ethan, who even though he is a great fighter, he is also very naïve and a complete virgin. LOL Enforcers feed on good deeds – which is entirely up to the eyes of the beholder – so their naivety can be a disadvantage sometimes.So now that she’s on her own, who does Jackie call for help? Yup, she calls Zane. She meets up with Zane at a dance and since the Vampire Queen also wants the halo, the queen commands Zane and another one of her vampires, Caleb, (who will keep a close eye on them) to the task. So begins a rollercoaster ride of non-stop action and hottt sexy scenes Jackie shares with Noah and Zane, making this book the best of the series for me. There are so many twists and turns, poor Jackie can’t hold onto a wish she’d like to see come true as there are so many problems thrown her way.On top of everything else, there’s a guarded secret everyone seems to be in on regarding the painting Jackie finds of her doppelganger. You’ll never guess the truth behind it. All of this is wrapped up with one GREAT big twist Gabriel unleashes on Jackie at the end you’ll never see coming!Plus, the love triangle is resolved in this book and we learn who Jackie really loves. It was so hard to read for me because both men have given up SO MUCH for her, I don’t understand how Jackie could choose between them. Ugh! I can’t believe I still can’t decide! :)I can’t wait to find out what’s next!