Deadly Captive - Bianca Sommerland Leave it to me – after double checking which book came first in the series, I ended up reading Book 2 first! *head desk* Still, this did not stop me from enjoying this book.Deadly Captive begins with Lydia – who awakens naked in an arena, where she is expected to ‘perform’ sexual acts with Joe, a man she just literally laid eyes on. Lydia is suffering from amnesia and cannot recall why or how she ended up in her present situation. Joe – her fellow captor – gives her no time to acclimate to her surroundings and they perform for the crowd, who make it apparent their lives depend on their show. The story progresses and Lydia tries to recover her memories. She becomes reliant on Joe, whom she feels somewhat safe with. However, it is short lived as we discover Lydia and Joe are captives of a very sadist vampire, Cyrus.Cyrus and his fellow vampire clan apparently have no other lot in life except to feed, fuck, and kill – and not necessarily in that order. It’s not clear if making humans perform in the arena is how he makes his money, but apparently he has no need for it and spends his days thinking up devious ways to humiliate his human captives.A slight mystery is afoot as it seems Joe is a cop of some kind and he promises Lydia that he will get her out of their current predicament – all she has to do is obey him.As time progresses and their bodies and spirits seem to break beyond repair, an opportunity finally arises for Joe and Lydia escape, but nothing could have prepared them for what their future now holds for them. What I disliked about Deadly Captive.I didn’t understand why Lydia put so much of her faith on Joe. Joe is human, and I never understood what she thought he could actually do against a whole nest of vampires? She blindly believed in him, and even went so far as to workout every day so they could keep their strength up when the time to escape came around. I kept thinking how in the world could Joe believe a human could outrun a vampire? Thank goodness for the HEA at the end, or I would have flipped! LOL Smile What I liked about Deadly Captive:Sex, sex, sex, and more sex! Goodness, Deadly Captive features so much sex – it seemed to be on every page.Though I have to issue a warning: there are several non-consensual sex scenes and this book features dark erotica. It will definitely make your eyes pop out of your head once in a while!