Kidnapped for Christmas - Evangeline Anderson I’ve always said if you make me laugh, you’re automatically my favorite author, and Kidnapped For Christmas delivers lots of humor along with yummy BDSM goodness.Even though Sabrina Marks is impulsive, she knows what would make a great Christmas gift – being kidnapped and living out your favorite BDSM fantasy. So when Christmas comes around, Sabrina quickly signs up to be kidnapped. Sabrina’s plus sized sister, Jillian, is always there to clean up after her sister’s messes, but this time Jillian thinks Sabrina has gone over the deep end and she advises her sister to cancel.Unable to dissuade her Sabrina from going through the kidnapping, Jillian lets things lie and everything seems to go back to normal. That is until Kyle, the replacement Dom hired to live out Sabrina’s fantasy mistakenly kidnaps Jillian instead.Gagged and bound, Jillian can’t tell Kyle what a terrible mistake he’s made. But as Jillian undergoes Kyle’s expert care, she gets weak at the knees and hungers for more. When Kyle finally takes her gag off, Jillian decides to live out her sister’s sordid fantasy. I mean a little BDSM never hurt anyone, right? Note: The only setback to me in this book was how many times we were told Jillian was plus sized. It got tedious after awhile. Other than that, I loved everything about this book and its characters. Kidnapped For Christmas features: BDSM oral backdoor play (toys) candle play spanking humorRating: 5 Kisses