Assassin Mine - Cynthia Sax In Assassin Mine, we take a bit of a step back in the story as we find out how Traz’s sister, Sabria, was captured by a Balzoid assassin, Darius.Daris, a half human, half Balzoid is a part of the invading force of Balzoids taking over the planet Sabria is in. He spies her and decides to take her for his own. Darius feels “broken” because he can’t comprehend that he has feelings for a female as his race only uses women for one thing.What ensues is a battle of wills and lust the like which curled my toes and had me flipping every page. I read the book in one straight read as I loved how Sabria breaks down Darius’ walls and makes him see there’s more to “breeding” a female than he realizes.Assassin Mine features: Oral Erotica Hot Read BDSM