Wicked Deeds on a Winter's Night - Kresley Cole I dare you to read the fourth installment in Kresley Cole’s (KC) Immortal After Dark Series, Wicked Deeds on a Winter’s Night, and not fall in love with Bowen, the sexy Lykae (werewolf). This tortured hero’s story will tug at your heartstrings and he’ll make you swoon!In the winter of 1827, the full moon was upon Bowen and he couldn’t control his inner beast who wanted to mark his mate, Mariah. While transforming, Bowen tells Mariah to run, and as she runs from him, she suffers an accident and tragically dies.Since then, Bowen suffers the loss of his mate at his hands and the guilt consumes him. So, when Nix tells Bowen that if he enters The Talisman’s Hie, he can find his mate, Bowen quickly enters and does everything in his power to win.In the last book, No Rest For The Wicked, we met Mariketa (Mari), a witch who is The Awaited One. She is destined to inherit powers that will surpass any other magical being, but when she enters the Hie, her powers are sporadic at best.Bowen is immediately drawn to Mari, and he feels Mari has somehow cast a spell on him as he has always been faithful to his dead mate, Mariah. Mari is also drawn to the sexy Lykae and quickly lets her guard down around him. That is why Bowen easily traps her and several other demons and fae who entered the Hie in a cave while they hunt for talismans in a jungle.Because of Mari’s boasting, Bowen thinks she’ll free herself, but all Mari musters to do is to curse Bowen, making him mortal and unable to regenerate when injured. Bowen trudges on, desperate to win Thrane’s Key, and go back in time to save his dead mate. But when Sebastian Wroth wins the key instead and severely injures him, Bowen feels all is lost and Nix’s prophecy that he would find his mate was a lie.Taking weeks to heal, Bowen hears Mari and her fellow Hie partners are still trapped in the cave Bowen put her in. Bereft, he goes to rescue her and the others. What he finds Mari and the others were subjected to while imprisoned shakes him to the core, and now more than ever he vies to get Mari and Co. to forgive him.Mari is furious at Bowen and struggles with her attraction to him. While they make their way out of the jungle, they cross paths with humans in the middle of a war and they must find a way to avoid them at all costs.As they travel together, Bowen realizes that Nix was right – he would find his mate at the Hie as he falls in love with Mari. But will Mari be able to forgive him after he betrayed her?And what of Mari’s power? It is told she will defeat an evil goddess with her powers. But will this power finally come to Mari and how will that affect her life? And you’ll never guess how much this evil goddess has meddled in Bowen’s life – you’re in for the shock of your life!Wicked Deeds on a Winter’s Night is a must read book – though it is a “catch-up book”, Bowen and Mari’s story is so good, I promise you can easy overlook this. This one is going on my Definitely-Reading-This-Again list. http://readourlipsblog.blogspot.com/2013/03/review-wicked-deeds-on-winters-night.html#more