Dark Needs at Night's Edge - Kresley Cole In Dark Needs At Night’s Edge, the fifth installment of the Immortals After Dark Series, Kresley Cole (KC) jumps back to the Wroth family and we hear Conrad’s story.Just like Sebastian, Conrad also hated how Nikolai turned him into a vampire – but that’s where the similarities to his brothers end. Conrad has been drinking his victims to their deaths, causing him to become a mindless killing machine with blood red eyes.Though by all laws they should put him to death, his brothers capture him and make one last effort to turn him back from his mindless state. They place Conrad in a home long abandoned and said to be owned by a famous dancer who died many decades ago.Néomi was a dancer killed by her jealous ex-lover and her ghost haunts the house she worked so hard to obtain. She has always been alone, that is until she chances upon some vampire brothers taking residence in her home.Néomi floats around the brothers, fascinated by what they are doing, when she is surprised to find that Conrad can actually see her.The Wroth brothers think Conrad is lost for good, especially since he claims to see a ghost in the mansion his brothers have acquired. They treat him with kid gloves, thinking it’s inevitable they must put him to death.Time passes and Conrad and Néomi begin to fall in love and engage in some hot and steamy scenes you’ll be sure to love! *fans self* The only thing in the lovers’ way is Néomi’s wish to be corporeal. Good thing they hear about a powerful witch who can make that happen: Mari The Awaited, but can Néomi pay the price for the magic required for this spell? And will Conrad ever come back from his mindless state or will his brothers have to put him to death? My Thoughts:I recommend this book as it’s a good read and the sexxy scenes between Conrad and Néomi will have you curling your toes. Smile I immediately liked Néomi’s story and loved how her storyline was weaved into Conrad’s – especially since she is the experienced one and practically goes on the prowl after Conrad. Also, Dark Needs At Night’s Edge features some super funny scenes between Nix and Mari you’ll be sure to laugh out loud to. http://readourlipsblog.blogspot.com/2013/03/review-dark-needs-at-nights-edge.html#more