Deep Kiss Of Winter - Kresley Cole, Gena Showalter ~I only read Kresley Cole’s story~Deep Kiss of Winter, Kresley Cole’s (KC) eighth installment in her Immortals After Dark Series was not my favorite book in the series. Though it signals the end of bachelorhood for the Wroth brothers, it did little else in the overall series.Deep Kiss is also another “catch-up” book and we get every single detail in the first half of the book from the last seven books to let us know what Murdoch and his secret lady – revealed now to be “Daniela” – have been doing in the background.Daniela is an Icere, the fey from the Frozen North and she must be at a cool temperature at all times. This is a hard thing to do, especially living in the humid Louisiana area with the rest of her Valkyrie sisters.Needless to say, Daniela makes do and when she meets Murdoch Wroth, she is being hunted by the Icere. She is the rightful heir to the throne, but wouldn’t you know it – there’s an evil despot who wants the throne for himself.In saving her life, Murdoch’s heart begins to beat and he knows he’s found his Bride. He helps the Valkyrie and takes her to his home in freezing Siberia where Daniela fits in right at home.After the recap of the first half of the book, we then of course get the HEA ending we’ve come to expect from KC.