Dreams of a Dark Warrior (Immortals After Dark Series, Book 9) - Kresley Cole I had such high hopes for Dreams of a Dark Warrior, Kresley Cole’s (KC) eleventh installment of the Immortals After Dark series, but the book didn’t quite reach it. I do admit I was (and still am) a bit confused as to what exactly is a Berserker, but I imagine it’s a Were-Bear, but with the exception they are human and die off?In either case, Dreams of a Dark Warrior deals with Regin and her Berserker mate, Adian, who tragically died in the past. Adian’s love for Regin is so great, though, he always reincarnates and finds his way to Regin. But whenever he regains his memories and remembers how much he loves Regin, he tragically dies again, a punishment bestowed upon him by Odin since Adian broke an oath to the god.This time, Adian reincarnates in Declan, The Order’s second in command and overall man in charge in The Order compound. Declan can’t explain why he’s so attracted to Regin. Medically, it should be impossible as he’s practically overdosing on medicine to suppress his (unbeknownst to him) Berserker nature.Either way, I really love Regin and I wanted to read her story like yesterday, but Declan as Aidan just didn’t cut it for me. Not even a sexy Lykae accent could redeem the fact that he worked for The Order and did some very nasty sh*t to the Lore creatures and especially to Regin while they were held captives in The Order’s Headquarters.Plus, it’s odd for me to see how Regin could fall in love with so many different versions of Aidan. While yes, I understand “It’s what’s inside that counts” it just doesn’t make sense to me how you can completely fall in love with someone if they look completely different. It was a bit of stretch for me.But anyhoo, Regin’s tired of so much death and can’t take the reincarnations anymore. She wants to be done with Adian once and for all, but she wants to see if she can somehow seduce Declan, and have him free her from The Order prison first. Next on her agenda is breaking the curse she and Adian can’t break free from and move on with her life. But why can’t she stop thinking of Declan? Can she do it?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Dreams of a Dark Warrior has SO MUCH going on in the background though, that it’s easy to forgive the lackluster story Regin and Declan showcase. First, we meet some new characters though I’m not sure how important they’ll be in the upcoming books, but they made an impression on me nonetheless.First up there was Natalya – a dark fey—half fey overlord, half demon slave. She is Regin’s cell mate and the two women become allies. Another cellmate is Thad, a young high school student who is a strange blend of vampire (and half phantom) who can walk in the sun and he has a little hero worship going on for Mr. Lothaire. It’s too cute! Before he was captured, Thad had no idea he was part of the Lore and it takes him awhile to assimilate. Then there’s also Brandr, Aidan’s Berserker friend who was always there for him.As hinted in the last review, all hell breaks loose when The Order takes El Dorada’s ring from Lothaire and activates it. El Dorada appears on the compound, wreaking havoc and destroying the building, trying to get back her ring. In the process, several creatures escape, and El Dorada breaks the necklaces inhibiting the powers from the truly evil, but leave the Lore “good guys” up sh*t creek by leaving on their necklaces.Everything turns into a free-for-all and everyone joins in the fight, killing each other as best they can while others run from the compound as it sinks into the ground. Declan comes to his senses and rescues Regin and Natalya. Together, they join forces with Thad, Brandr, and –can you believe it?- Lothaire!The small band of fighters make their way across the island hoping to escape, while a raging battle ensues all around them. To top things off we even see Nix flying around in a cape! LOLThing get really interesting as allies come together to save their relatives from this island and new alliances are forged. Can’t wait to dive into the next book!http://readourlipsblog.blogspot.com/2013/03/review-dreams-of-dark-warrior-immortals.html#more