Desire the Night - Amanda Ashley Desire The Night by Amanda Ashley has everything going for it: an amazing title, an awesome cover, and even though it’s YA, it’s a paranormal read! What more could you ask for? Hmm. . . well a lot more.As I mentioned above, Desire The Night is a YA read – though I didn’t know that when I started reading LOL But, when I got to the first sex scenes I took a step back, thinking the author really rushed over things. AND when I got to a sexxy scene I had been waiting the whole book for, and it was done in a 1950’s fade-to-black thing, I started going off! A rant of WTF am I reading?! made me look this book up and I realized it was a YA read.Still, I was already so far into the book, I decided to keep on reading and find out what happens at the end But I’m getting ahead of myself.Kay is an ordinary young woman living out on her own, away from her controlling father and family. But she’s not so ordinary; she’s a werewolf. One night, she goes to club with a friend and a stranger approaches her. After a drink with him, Kay wakes up in a cellar with a man chained to a wall.She discovers she is to be “food” to the chained man – a vampire named Gideon – who is held captive by a witch named Verah who uses his blood as a youth serum. Verah has no idea Kay is a werewolf, so when they are left alone, Kay and Gideon escape from Verah’s clutches.In spending time on the run, Kay and Gideon begin to fall in love and they search for a safe haven away from Verah. Kay suggests going to her family, hoping her father will understand their predicament.That decision is the beginning of the end for her as her father and their misogynistic wolf clan won’t relent on imposing his will on his daughter. Kay’s father wants Kay to forget all about Gideon and marry a fellow werewolf, Victor.But Victor isn’t who Kay’s father thinks he is. Victor wants to be Alpha and will stop at nothing to get what he wants, even if it means killing Kay’s father.Kay has her hands full with the problems in her clan and with Verah always hot on her and Gideon’s heels. Will Kay be able to handle everything life is throwing at her and find her Happily Ever After with Gideon?******Desire The Night could really use a revamp in editing as there are a lot of information dumps and the action dulls in between places. Plus, I’m not really a fan of vampires and werewolves together – I’ve read too many paranormal reads which state how the vamps can’t stand the scent of werewolves and vice versa LOLBut still, Desire The Night does have some interesting aspects. Just don’t be like me and expect an AMAZING read based on the BEAUTIFUL cover *le sigh*I guess I really shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover. Hmm . . . nah! Even though I’ll be disappointed with a book, at least I got a pretty cover to console me.