Nightshifted - Cassie Alexander Edie Spence is a nurse with a problem. Her brother Jake is one step away from an overdose. So when a mysterious being asks her if she’d be willing to work for them in exchange for her brother’s safety (?) she readily agrees and starts to work at Y4.It’s just like any nursing job, only that the patients aren’t human. Still, Edie makes do, crummy pay and all, just to see that her brother is alive and well.Everything was going according to plan until one day, a patient dies on Edie’s watch and this sends her into a spiral of emotions. When she locates the man’s home and tries to return the dead man’s possessions, Edie unwittingly stumbles upon a mission her dead patient was trying to accomplish: saving “children” from would-be sexual predators.Seeing her patient’s home walls filled with pictures of “children” which needed to be saved, Edie is thrust into a world she never knew existed. Along the way she meets a Shifter and a Zombie whom she can’t keep her hands off. Will Edie survive to help the girl her patient was trying to save? And who is Anna?I had seen Nightshifted by Cassie Alexander (CA) in several blogs and the cover was really what drew me in to picking this book up. I thought it was going to be a book like Larissa Ione’s Demonica Series, which features a medical setting with paranormal patients and medical staff, filled with a mystery and sexxxy scenes that would curl my toes. *le sigh* Alas, that wasn’t at all what I got with this book.Nightshifted hit almost all my pet peeves and triggers I hate in a book, and for the life of me, I can’t understand why I kept reading – it was almost as if I thought things would get better, but they never did.What I didn't like: Way Too Technical. The first pet peeve Nightshifted struck for me was that it was too technical.I know the author did extensive research to get Edie’s nurse character down, but did she have to share all sorts of medical terms that I have no idea what they mean? It got way too distracting and kept jarring me out of the story. After awhile, I started skimming when things got too technical. Sad smile Underage themes. This is one of my triggers and I avoid these types of books like the plague. But while Nightshifted never “showed” the actual children in the situations, and the “children” were – I think – several hundred year old vampires, still the fact this was even allowed in the book was too much for me. Jake. Ugh . . . another pet peeve for me is useless characters. Jake is Edie’s junkie brother. Edie has basically put her life on hold to bring her brother back from the brink. In taking her job at Y4, she made a deal her brother would – I think – not die from drug overdose? Because really, Jake still takes drugs throughout the whole book, stealing her furniture, and never getting his life straightened out. The only thing that changed was that now he can no longer feel high – no matter how much drugs he ingests. Yea, thanks stupid demons or whatever you are I made a pact with. Give me crummy pay, and never resolve the one thing I want: make my brother snap out of it, get his life together, and stop using drugs. *rolls eyes*Crummy Pay. Double ugh! The worst pet peeve of all is being underpaid. Edie is a nurse, and is being exposed to all kinds of craziness working for paranormals and they don’t pay her top dollar? What kind of sh*t is that? Don’t the paranormals ever stop to think the nurses could easily take a bribe, or expose the hospital to ANYONE who offered them any money? It’s a cardinal rule, people. You deal in Top Secret shit, you get compensated for it. That way if you end up missing, everyone knows you f*cked up a good thing. LOLSexxy Scenes. My final pet peeve is the sex scenes – or rather lack of them in this book. They were either not good, featured unprotected sex, or were glazed over 1950’s fade-to-black style scenes. You know I can forgive ALMOST anything in a book if it’s got good sexxy scenes, so this was the final straw. I kept thinking maybe the author was holding back for that one scene that was going to blow me away. *le sigh* It never happened.****If you don’t have any of my pet peeves or triggers and enjoy lots of medical equipment terms and medicine names thrown at you (when generic terms would serve just as well), then this is definitely the perfect read for you. Nightshifted just didn’t work for me.*****