Devil Without a Cause

Devil Without a Cause - Terri Garey Rock star Finn Payne made a deal with the Devil years ago. In return for getting a powerful ring that inspires him to put out hit after hit, Finn promised to sell his soul whenever he died. However, the Devil is tired of waiting to collect his due and enlists the help of Faith McFarland, a single mother who’s only son is battling cancer, to help him. The Devil, called Sammy, tells Faith that he will cure her son’s cancer if she gets him Finn’s ring. If she refuses, her son will die. Faith agrees, but when Finn comes to stay at the hotel she works at and she meets him, she starts to get a change of heart. Little by little, she starts falling in love with Finn – whom we find out she’s been a fan of when she was younger. Eventually, she’s caught between the love for her child and the love she’s starting to feel for Finn, since Faith finds out that once she takes Finn’s ring and gives it to Sammy, Finn will die. I’m not going to lie, the first thing that attracted me the most to this book was the cover! *fans self* Good Lord, it’s gorgeous! However, what kept me interested in this book was Terri Garey’s amazing writing style and attention to detail. Right off the bat, I was enthralled with Sammy’s (the Devil) storyline and how he develops in this book.We start the story seeing Sammy vexed as a human he fell in love with on Earth (Nicki Styx) is now with someone else. Sammy – who is in Hell – tries to put this out of his mind and concentrates on Faith & Finn who are on Earth. I will admit to being so anxious in places, I desperately wanted to skip ahead Finn & Faith’s story to see what was going on in Sammy’s world with his faithful servant, Nyx. Together, Sammy and Nyx start to search for a long lost demon son Sammy never knew existed and who is running around lost in Hell – a perfect distraction for Sammy and his troubled mind. Thrown in the mix is also the Angel, Gabriel, who tells Sammy he can get back into God’s good graces if he helps out a soul. Of course, Sammy views ‘helping’ in a whole different light, LOL. But I believe that finding his son changes Sammy, and we get an unexpected surprise ending with Finn & Faith that I’m sure everyone will love! The only things that ‘turned me off’ a tad in this book were all the satanic rituals and invocations used in the book, and being a mother, the storyline that Sammy threatened Faith with her son’s life also didn’t gather any points with me. However, with the word ‘Devil’ in the title, what would one expect? LOL Sammy totally redeems himself in the end, and I can’t wait for Book 2, A Devil Named Desire – which comes out on January 31, 2012, to find out more about Sammy and his son, plus will Sammy get back in God’s good graces?