Taken By A Killer (Snatcher Series, #1) - Miranda Stowe At the start of Taken By A Killer, we are introduced to ‘The Snatcher’ – a serial killer who kidnaps women from their homes and imprisons them until he breaks their psyche and turns them into his personal sex slaves. Once he’s broken them, he ends their life and moves on to his next victim, repeating the cycle. He’s on a power trip, addicted to all the press he’s getting, and an all around sick individual who is on the verge of taking his eighth victim! The whole town is in a panic and the Sheriff has issued a curfew for all women to stay in their homes – which is perfect for The Snatcher. However, one woman – Emily Hayden (town’s dispatcher for the Sheriff’s Department) – dares to go out and enjoy a few drinks with her cousin who happens to work at the town’s bar. Unluckily for her, most of the town’s men are also there; some coping with the loss of a loved one The Snatcher has taken, while others are nursing their feelings of helplessness as the crazed killer has eluded police for two years. One of the men in the bar happens to be none other than Reece Daggert, Emily’s sworn enemy since they were children.The hate/hate relationship they feel toward each other is palpable and while Reece is arrogant and a bit of an ass to Emily, our girl doesn’t back down one bit and dishes it out just as soon as Reece does. Reece tries to keep the upper hand, but already having one too many drinks under his belt, he can no longer hold back the attraction he’s been secretly harboring for Emily for years.When Emily has had enough of Reece’s insults, she leaves the bar and Reece, upset that Emily has such disregard for her safety to walk alone to her car, sets to follow her. We then find out that for all her talk, Emily also has a secret crush on Reece, but is afraid to give into him, fearing he’ll dispose of her as soon as he’s done with her. *le sigh* :)Then the next day, tragedy strikes and Reece discovers that his sister, Jenna is missing. Emily takes his 911 call and can’t help but feel heartbroken about what has occurred. In a daze after having given his statement to the police, Reece is no longer his smug self and Emily offers to take him home since he is in shock. While cooking something for him before putting him to bed, Emily finds a visibly shaken and suffering Reece in the shower with his clothes on. Emily sets to help him, but what happens next will leave you breathless! *fans self*Fellow Readers, please drop whatever you are reading and pick up a copy of Taken By A Killer – it will change everything as you know it! Once I started reading, I couldn’t put the book down. It is filled with lots of hottt scenes between Emily and Reece mixed with the suspense of The Snatcher looming in the background.The author is a genius in writing a mystery because the character I was dead-set in believing was The Snatcher wasn’t him! Now I’m all in a tizzy wondering who the heck it is, and I’m suspicious of everyone. This is a short read (about 80 PDF pages) but the story packs such a punch, it will impact you long after you’re done. Some of the things I’ve changed after reading this book include:1.Double checking that my doors are locked before I go to bed2.Purchased an alarm for my windows and doors that sound off whenever they are opened.3.Placing my cat on lockdown for the night, so if I hear a sound, I won’t dismiss it as as being him.4.And I added a new button to our Erotica buttons: Erotica Mystery/Suspense I was on the edge of my seat to the very end – which came much too quickly as I never wanted the hotttt scenes between Reece and Emily to end. Thank goodness there is a sequel to this story, Saved From A Killer so I can know what happens next! Hurry and get yourself a copy of this page-turning erotic thriller and delve into this series– I promise you won’t be disappointed!http://readourlipsblog.blogspot.com/2012/02/review-taken-by-killer-snatcher-series.html