How We Came To Be - Jamie Canosa How We Came To Be by Jamie Canosa is an emotive and short read that will pull at your heart strings and make you believe in love all over again. It showcases seventeen-year-old, Sara who along with her ten-year-old brother live with their abusive and alcoholic father.Sara has often kept her eye on her next door neighbor, Ethan, but never approached him or paid him any attention as she was too busy trying to survive her father’s episodes.But one day, her father goes too far and Sara blacks out. When she comes to, Ethan is in her house, comforting her. When she reveals what is happening to Ethan, she makes him promise not to tell anyone.Ethan, distraught at what he has learned, is torn between helping the girl he has fallen in love with and keeping her trust. Can Ethan truly save Sara and her brother and show Sara how much he truly cares for her? Rating: 3.5 kisses