Lula: Lust In Space - Lucy O. Lula: Lust In Space by Lucy O is a very entertaining and sexy read featuring a country gal who just wants to have fun!Lula is a country girl, living in the Appalachian Mountains. She’s bored living in her small town and hopes to find something else outside her small world. She’s dated and been with almost all the local boys and she can’t wait to be with someone who can outrun her in a race through the woods.Then one night, Lula meets Nix, a gorgeous man she can’t keep her eyes off. She quickly finds out he’s not from around her town, but is shocked to find out he’s not even from her galaxy!Lula is instantly drawn to Nix and can’t wait to be with him. But just as she tries to bring him to pleasure, Lula find out all about Nix’s life in his world and what he’s really doing on Earth.Can Lula save Nix from the soldiers which have been sent to take him back to his planet, or is Lula in over her head?