Enslaved (The Devil's Kiss, #2) - Gemma James Good Lord in Heaven! *fans self* Enslaved, the second installment in Gemma James’ The Devil’s Kiss Series is all kinds of sizzling hotttt! Make sure your air conditioner is on full blast when you start reading this book!In Enslaved, Kayla’s daughter is on the mend, responding to the new treatments submitting to Gage now affords Kayla. But things have heated up between Kayla and her Master, and she must submit to him whenever/wherever he pleases. Her coworkers are talking behind her back and when Gage invites her to a party, Kayla is shocked to see what lengths Gage will go to make her see how she truly belongs to him – especially now that he’s made her give up saying her safe word.By the way, do you remember what I told you in the last review about Kayla’s ex, Ian? *jumps around insanely* I told you there was something coming up with him and in Enslaved, Ian doesn’t take no for an answer, shamelessly pursuing Kayla with an avid fervor. But that’s not all – Kayla can’t help but respond to Ian, remembering everything she used to feel for him.Confused by her feelings for Ian and what she has with Gage, Kayla feels overwhelmed. Then, her world spins around when Gage tells her he knows what she’s been doing with Ian! *faints*You won’t believe what Kayla has to do to earn Gage’s forgiveness and the huge twist at the end that will have you reeling! Drop whatever you’re reading and run to get this book! It’s a definite must read. Enslaved features: BDSM oral sex non-consensual sex backdoor play forced voyeurism forced exhibitionism whipping torturehttp://readourlipsblog.blogspot.com/2013/04/review-giveaway-enslaved-devils-kiss-2.html#more