Masks - Evangeline Anderson Chloe is a the timid twin, the complete opposite of her outgoing sister, Zoe. So when Zoe asks Chloe to fill in at her work due to an emergency, Chloe has her doubts, especially when Zoe confesses she’s actually a dominatrix.Caught in the whirlwind of the moment, Zoe thrusts Chloe into some thigh-high leather boots, a miniskirt, a bustier, and a mask and shows her to her masked client, Mark Jacobs.Chloe has no clue how she’ll handle being a dominatrix, and Mark quickly catches on to her inexperience. In a game of wills, it’s a quick race to who will be dominated and who will submit.Masks is a short read (around 60 pgs) and is a funny, hottt, and sexxy read that will leave you breathless! Rating: 4.5