First Drop of Crimson - Jeaniene Frost First Drop of Crimson was a great addition to the Night Huntress series. I thoroughly enjoyed Denise's - Cat's best friend - story and how she fell in love with Spade - one of Bones' best friends. I was really worried for Denise after her husband had been killed in a previous attack by formidable supernatural foes, but it was genius how Jeaniene Frost gave Denise her own set of supernatural powers, and ensured her a beautiful Happily Ever After in this book. Nathanial - an ancestor of Denise's makes a pact with a demon, Raum, way back in the 1860's. Nathanial double-crosses the demon and now Raum is back determined to collect his soul. After killing several of Nathanial's descendents, Raum finally sets his sites on Denise and enlists her to find her ancestor and bring him to Raum. To ensure Denise's cooperation, Raum 'brands' her with his power, making it easy to track her and control her. Denise, desperate for some help, goes to an unlikely source for help - Bones' friend, the vampire Spade. Spade turns into her unlikely savior - in more ways than one. Not only does Spade help her with her PTSD episodes, Spade also gives Denise a reason to live and feel alive again, even though he is battling with 'demons' of his own. This book is fun, sexy, and such a great, enjoyable read - totally classic Jeanine Frost at it's best. Plus if you're a die-hard Bones and Cat fan - they make a special appearance and save the day at the end. Probably the best part of this book for me - beside Denise's shapeshifting abilities was Ian. He was so hilarious and awesome in this book - even though he's described as a scoundrel, I want him to have a book with a woman who can tame his bad boy ways and a happy ending of his own. First Drop of Crimson is paranormal romance at its best, and a definite must read! I promise you won't be disappointed.