Eternal Kiss of Darkness - Jeaniene Frost For some inexplicable reason, I could never get the Mencheres character as I always envisioned him as being an older gentleman. Maybe it was in the way he acted or carried himself, because no matter how many times Jeaniene Frost described him, I couldn’t picture him anything but a senior citizen. Finally, I saw the light when I was shown the book trailer and I snapped back to reality – what the heck had I been drinking? *drools* Not only is Mencheres drop dead gorgeous – he’s also got awesome powers that draw you into this book. Being born in 2553 B.C., Mencheres has had enough of his very long existence and he’s about to commit Suicide-By-Ghoul in an abandoned warehouse. In walks Kira, a private investigator who happens to walk by, hears him in agony, and stumbles into the action. Kira tries to rescue Mencheres from his attackers, but ends up getting injured. Mencheres drops his suicide act and opts to save her as a way to repay her kindness in helping him out, even though he is a complete stranger.He quickly destroys the ghouls and takes Kira to his home to heal her. Once Kira is healed, he aims to make her forget they ever met, but he’s intrigued as a week passes by and he’s not able to glamour her. Little by little, Mencheres and Kira start to fall in love – just when Mencheres thought his life was over. Kira kickstarts Mencheres’ dead heart, and gives him a reason to live – just when his oldest of enemies, Radje, tries to take him down. Everyone rallies together with Mencheres and helps him overcome Radje. Alliances are tested and new bonds are forged in this story. Several of the Night Huntress characters show up: Bones, Cat, and I just about screamed when he made his appearance – V L A D!!! I can’t wait until Jeaniene Frost gives us the backstory and a whole book just on Vlad, he’s way too awesome! The way he interacts with Bones is so hilarious. They can’t resist insulting each other. What I truly loved about this book was that Kira wasn’t just another girl in the background – waiting to be rescued by Mencheres, she actually took the reins and always tried to save him. I loved the power play between Kira and Mencheres and their sexy scenes were scorching hot! This book is a definite Must-Read and I promise you won’t be disappointed with the surprise ending! Loved it!