Dark Lover - J.R. Ward Despite all the talk and naughty Twitter Role Players based on this series, I resisted reading it because the author refused to allow fan fiction - which I think is so limiting in the fan experience. Nevertheless, I got a copy of the series from a friend - who wouldn't let me be in my resolve to stay away LOL, and I have to say I really enjoyed reading this book.It had everything I love in a book: paranormal elements, romance, hot-scorching sex, and laugh out loud moments. Beth - who unknowingly is the daughter of a vampire and a human, is about to transition and come into her vampire self. She's never known her parents and has no clue of her heritage. Her vampire father, Darius, is killed in the beginning of the book, before he can tell her. (By the way, there is a whole glossary of terms, conditions, and rules of this world J.R. Ward created. Every book has a huge glossary in the beginning and I'm assuming you know all these terms.)However, before Darius dies, he tells Wrath - his vampire brother (in the Black Dagger Brotherhood) and king-of-sorts about his daughter and hopes he can help him in her transition. Wrath refuses to help, but when Darius is killed by a lesser - Wrath feels he owes it to Darius to seek his daughter out. The first time he goes to see Beth, she completely freaks out since she's already on edge from a recent near-rape attack. Wrath erases her memories and decides to try again, sensing her transition is close. The second time he comes to her, Beth comes onto him with the subtlety of a tornado taking a Sunday walk down the street. He tries to talk to her, but Beth isn't interested in anything he has to say unless he takes off his clothes first. LOL Scorching hot sex scenes ensue and I couldn't get enough of Wrath and Beth - though I was hit with a HUGE pang of guilt whenever Marissa - Wrath's arranged 'wife' of sorts - makes an appearance and we learn of her eternal love for him and how he's always ignored her. Ugh! It broke my heart in so many places to see her pain, but I couldn't help but love how Wrath melted into a puddle whenever Beth was around. I found some comfort in knowing Marissa was a virgin and Wrath had never touched her - so even though he had a 'commitment' of sorts with her, it wasn't consummated. Technicalities aside, eventually Wrath tells Marissa and even though she's devastated, Marissa and Wrath formally break it off and go their separate ways. Marissa quickly rebounds (who is a vampire by the way) with a human - Butch. I really couldn't get into the Marissa and Butch (the human ex-cop) storyline. In the book - Butch can't get a girl to pay him any attention besides bar skanks he had sex with in his car after he's drunk himself into a stupor. I mean he didn't even bother to take them to a hotel. Yea he's real classy LOL! By the time he meets Marissa, Butch no job, and drinks too much. I really don't see the attraction and he's nothing like Wrath (bodywise). The only thing Butch does is tell Marissa she's pretty, but it just seems like Marissa is taking sloppy seconds and scraped the bottom of the barrel. LOL She deserves WAY better IMHO. Besides, it didn't make sense that the vampires were 'kicking' it with Butch and he was able to hold his own against them. Wouldn't they be able to crush him with their pinky finger? I just couldn't buy that Butch could take any of them on. I would have accepted him if only they turned him into a vampire, but that can't happen in this vampire universe. You're either born a vampire or you're S.O.L.A second point I didn't like how much Wrath does a complete 180 as the story progresses, and can't even go to the bathroom without Beth. I love a man who's all into his woman, but this was overdone by the end of the book and Beth sort of evolves into a Yoko Ono of sorts - we all know how that turned out. LOL But other than those two points, I enjoyed the book. Too bad there's no fan fiction I can delve in that does Marissa some justice with someone else. OMG imagine Marissa with Zsadist! LOL How would that turn out or a fic where Wrath takes back his manhood from Beth. LOL Thanks a lot, J.R. the world will never know. :(