Lover Awakened - J.R. Ward In every book series, there is always that ‘one’ book which stands out to a reader as being their favorite, and Lover Awakened is it for me as I am completely enthralled by the tragic story behind the most feared of all the Brothers – Zsadist. Lover Awakened tells of Zsadist’s past as a blood slave and how his twin brother, Phury, saves him from captivity. However, as the years pass, both brothers create an entirely different prison for themselves as neither one can let go of the guilt their torrid pasts have branded them with. Then comes Bella, the beautiful aristocratic vampiress who is inexplicably drawn to Zsadist. Throwing caution to the wind, she pursues him, feeling she can rid Zsadist of the ghosts of his past. Phury, Z’s brother, tells Bella that his twin is not broken, but ruined and she is fighting a losing battle. But there is another side to Phury’s caution as well as he - who has taken a vow of celibacy – finds himself attracted to Bella. Every time she is around him, he can’t seem to control his feelings for her. So begins the love triangle between them – though Bella makes it very clear – Zsadist is the one she wants. Zsadist, coping from his experiences as a blood slave and the disfiguring scars adorning his face, can’t fathom why Bella would pick him over his handsome and perfect brother. At every turn, he tries to steer Bella to Phury, and Phury seems to be caught in the middle. Throw in a demented lesser, O, who’s also obsessed with Bella and who had kept her in captivity for 6 weeks before Z and the Brothers rescued her, and you’ve got an action packed plot that always keeps you guessing and wanting more. But the best part of this book was Bella’s patience with Zsadist and how she works through his walls to get him to love her. The love scenes were amazingly hot and heartbreaking at times since we learn Zsadist has never allowed himself sexual pleasure or release due to his past captivity. We also get to experience the famous female ‘needing’ period and Zsadist more than comes through for Bella! *fans self* There was only one low moment for me in this book as one of the Brother’s shellans is killed by O, and by the end of the book, the Brother is nowhere to be found. So heartbreaking! *sobs* But besides that, Lover Awakened was perfect and the ending made me cry at seeing the changes Bella made in Zsadist’s life. We meet a completely different Z at the end, and I burst in tears when he wrote the note to Bella telling her that he loved her! *bawls* Lover Awakened is definitely one book I will always look forward to re-reading – I loved it!