Lover Revealed - J.R. Ward Finally we see Butch's purpose in the Black Dagger Brotherhood World and it's not sex related. LOL The sex scenes were a bit awkward, but maybe it's because Marissa was a virgin and Butch was put off in his game. ?Nevertheless, in this book we find out more about Butch such as: he's estranged from his family, he used to do cocaine, and he slept with a lot of whores. But we're looking past that as we also learn he is a cousin of sorts to Wrath and because of this blood tie, he gets turned to a vampire. Butch gets stronger and faster, but that's not all - he also gets a unique power. Thanks to a torture session Butch endured before he was turned to a vamp, he acquires a power from the Omega himself. Now that he's a vampire and has this special Omega power, Butch is to fulfill a long foretold prophesy which states he will destroy the Omega. Talk about a purpose! What's next? Will Butch stop the asteroid that's coming to destroy the Earth? LOL Anyhoo, the end battle comes, and the Scribe Virgin also makes an appearance. But it's not clear if the Omega is truly gone, or it's just a temporary respite. Butch gets inducted to the Brotherhood, and Marissa joins him at his side as his shellan. The best part of this book was seeing Marissa come into her own - kicking ass and throwing her brother off the council stating she was the leader of their family. I'm also glad we finally get to see Wrath's 'kingly' duties come to play as Marissa becomes the person in charge of a shelter for women who are widowed or need help. I'm totally cheering for her! I'm also hoping to finally see John's transition which is taking...forever. There is also a very short mention of Vishous and his Dom activities - that is truly something to look forward to!