Lover Unbound (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 5) - J.R. Ward I had heard a lot about Vishous, so naturally, I was very curious to read his book. The book started out with the story of Jane, a human and her sister when they were children. The story that ensues is so tragic, but made for great foreshadowing of what was to come. Just as I was about to wonder if I was reading the right book, Jane learns her future husband's name is Vishous when she plays with an Ouija board, and we finally realize what connects these two storylines. Lover Unbound is just like the other Black Dagger Brotherhood books, with the exception that the lessers don't really make much of an appearance or a threat in this book. The enemies found in this book fall within the ranks of the vampires and a lot of secrets are revealed. We learn who V's mother is, and that V has a twin sister! John Matthew FINALLY transforms, but he has a mishap or two as he 'comes of age'. The ending of this book was completely unexpected - I thought it would follow the rest of the series in that there was always some big impediment for the brothers to be with their mates, but love would triumph in the end. Not so in Lover Unbound as some random lessers finally rear their ugly heads in the end and manage to kill Jane. I guess the Ouija board lied after all. Unless one can marry a ghost? *sigh* I felt so sorry for V in this book - but maybe all the Dom sessions (which we didn't see - thanks a lot) he engaged in crossed off his right to a happily ever after? Who knows. Oh well, I'm curious to see how V and his ghost Jane work things out, though I found the Scribe Virgin giving up her birds for her son, and V bringing them back endearing. Awww, very sweet indeed. :)