Lunewulf Law (Lunewulf #1) - Lorie O'Clare Lunewulf Law begins with the very flirty banter between Nik and Sophie, a couple who shift into wolves. They live in a small community in Canada and the whole pack is getting ready to run together. Everything seems to be heading in the right direction of Nik claiming Sophie and putting an end to their sexy flirting.But disaster ensues. Humans, who somehow managed to come onto Lunewulf land, begin to fire into the pack as they run, killing over 30 single females. Retaliation or a reason as to why the shooting happened is never explored - but when there's a promise of a ménage in a book, I tend not to ask too many plot questions. LOL :)Due to the unfortunate events, the pack leader, who is also Sophie's Grandmother, dictates that the few remaining single pack females must be mated to 3 males and bear their cubs to ensure the continuity of their race - if either the female or the males refuse to the mating, then the males will be put to death.This causes an uproar in the pack as some Lunewulf don't agree with who they are being mated with. Sophie lucks out as one of her mates is Nik. The idea of having 3 mates scares her, but with Nik leading the way, Sophie soon starts to get excited.Not everything is going great with the other pack members though as we learn that Elsa, Sophie's littermate (which I'm guessing is sister) hates the new rule and her chosen mates. Even though one of her mates is a Lunewulf she has feelings for –Johann -- Elsa can't get over the fact he slept with her promiscuous cousin, Simone. Elsa vows to escape the first chance she gets.Gertrude, Sophie's other littermate, gets paired up with mates she's okay with, but the only problem is that one of her mates, Matthew, had it bad for Sophie in the past. Matthew even approaches Nik and suggests a nightly swap of females. Nik doesn't go for it, but I get the feeling Matthew isn't going to let go of being with Sophie so easily.However, there is much more to this book than just sex and there were many interesting issues thrown in the mix. For example, Sophie will inherit $1 million dollars when she's mated - a trust fund her parents left for her - but Nik states he's not interested in Sophie for her money. He's entranced by her beauty as has been after her for quite some time, even going so far as to stay away from the rest of the females to be with her.There are also a lot of rumors going around with Grandmother's leadership. In the past, whenever someone didn't agree with her, they were either never heard from again or they encountered a fatal 'accident'. Nik, who states he has no intentions of killing Grandmother and being the new leader, goes along with the law - which by the end, he starts to get excited by also.There is so much sexy flirting and sizzling hottt sex scenes featuring phone sex, oral sex, and quickie sex (to name a few) that whet your appetite and prepare you for the ménage scene delivered at the very end of the book. I loved the buildup to the ménage scene and I only wish there had been more detail given. In the end, Sophie's two other males leave her and Nik alone, their jobs completed. *faints* Thank goodness there is a sequel and I'm hoping to see what happens next as there are so many storylines introduced and so many possibilities to explore.Questions I hope are answered in the sequel: Will there be a repeat session of Sophie and her mates? Will Matthew try to get Sophie to be his? Will Grandmother be challenged and killed? Will Elsa forgive her mate and resign herself to her fate or escape the pack? I can't wait to see how the series enfolds.***It should be noted that this book is not for everyone, though. If you can't handle the author substituting the words female/girl/woman to the word b*tch, then chances are you won’t enjoy this book. By the way, if you can’t handle the word b*tch – what are you doing reading erotica in the first place? LOL*** (Read more and see the trailer)