Hollowmen (The Hollows, #2) - Amanda Hocking In Hollowmen, Part 2 in the Hollows Series, we find that Remy has endured six months as a guinea pig in a lab where scientists run several tests and operations in their quest to find out why she’s immune to the zombie virus.Just as she’s being prepped for another grisly operation – with no anesthesia – all the doctors freeze in terror. Sirens are going off all over the base and it’s apparent zombies have broken in. It quickly turns to every-man-for-himself and the doctors rush out, leaving Remy strapped on the operating table with an incision across her stomach.Weak and battered, Remy somehow manages to get free and go outside the medical facility where all hell has broken loose in the compound. Her friends, Lazlo and Harlow have already been evacuated and there is one last team scouring the base for survivors before it’s abandoned.Remy quickly joins with them and sets out to once again find her brother Max, whom she entrusted to her friend, Blue, to escape from the scientist’s grasp six months ago. Things don’t bode well when she finds Blue along the road as a zombie. Determined not to stop until she finds her brother, she sets out to his last known address and miraculously finds him alive and well. (Thank goodness because I don’t think I could take another book-long quest on finding her brother.) And guess who is alongside her brother, Max? Yes, it’s Ripley – the tame zombie-eating lioness! *happy dance*Spurred on by their reunion, Remy and her new small band of characters set out north to Canada – where it’s rumored to be zombie-free due to the cold weather. As they travel, they’ll soon know there’s more danger within their camp than what the zombies throw at them.***I enjoyed reading Hollowmen – though I was a bit disappointed that Lazlo (who played the love interest in the previous book) is nowhere to be found in this book. My heart fluttered when Remy happens to talk to him via CB radio, but my happiness was short lived when it becomes apparent they won’t be meeting up. They quickly say their goodbyes and hope they see each other again. *sobs*From her website – Amanda Hocking’s Blog – it’s not clear if there will be a part 3 in this series. I’m keeping my fingers crossed, though, as it would make for one hell of a read for Lazlo to find Remy, since at the end of the book, she’s moved on to a new man! *faints* All in all, we get a happy ending in Hollowmen *breathes sigh of relief* and that makes this harrowing, non-stop action story a great read! http://readourlipsblog.blogspot.com/2012/01/hollowman-hollows-2-by-amanda-hocking.html#more