Lover Enshrined - J.R. Ward Lover Enshrined is Book 6 of the Black Dagger Brotherhood Series and is the story of Phury and Cormia. First we see Phury, who has spiraled out of control and is lost to his drug addiction as the ghosts of his past continue to haunt him.Torn by the guilt he feels because his twin (Zsadist) was taken when he was just a child and sold into slavery, Phury starts to take out his anger on the lessers he catches by brutally mutilating them. The Brothers get word of his handiwork and put him on leave – hoping he will straighten himself out before it’s too late.But it is too late for Phury, who can’t release the demons festering inside him. It’s just a matter of time before he moves on to heavier drugs and to his imminent death. But Cormia, one of the Chosen who is to be his first mate, steps in, hoping she can save the vampire who has captured her heart. Cormia must move quickly though, because Phury doesn’t have much time.Lover Enshrined is not entirely about Phury and Cormia, though. There are other plots mixed into it as well. We see more of John Matthews, Qhuinn, Blay, Rehvenge, and Xhex, as well as Zsadist and Bella preparing for the birth of their baby. Another great revelation is that Tohr is finally back! Tohr is brought back to the Brotherhood – a little worse for wear – by none other than a fallen angel, a new character named Lassiter. We also find out that the Omega has a son, and it will surprise you (or maybe not) who it is.I enjoyed reading Lover Enshrined – though I grew tired of Phury’s drug use. There were so many new, juicy plots introduced, and so many other things happening in the background, that I wanted to know more about what was going on with that, than reading about Phury and the voices in his head. (LOL) I was also surprised to see the new development between Qhuinn and Blay, and I’m excited to see what J.R. Ward has in store for them. Also, John Matthews and Xhex together are so hottt! Love them :) All in all, Lover Enshrined whetted my appetite to what’s coming up next in Book #7, Lover Avenged.By the way, I found some great artwork on the Internet depicting Phury and Cormia. What do you think, Fellow Readers? Are these the characters you envision as you read?