Bloodlust - Larissa Ione Wow! *fans self* The synopsis is dead on in this very short and hottt novella. Sir Brynn of Lochland is a prisoner of war who has been taken by the Vampire Queen, Sorla, as a blood and sex slave. He refuses to bed her, though, and the sadistic Queen brings out every trick she has to break the proud knight and make him submit to her. The evil queen is in for a big surprise, and at the end of the book she realizes she’s created a monster – literally.I’m not sure if this book is a prequel to a series, or just some material Larissa Ione had lying around, but it is a super hotttt read full of sex, sex, and more sex! This is not a book for the faint of heart so please take any and all precautionary measures before attempting to read it LOL :)If you caught my Freebie Alert on Friday (January 20), you hopefully downloaded this sinfully good read! If not, great news! It’s still on Freebie Alert – download it today on (the link is under the book cover) . Happy Reading!