The Darkest Night - Gena Showalter Before I start, I’m assuming you’ve already read my Intro to the Lords of the Underworld – if not, please read it before you continue. :) found The Darkest Night to be a very hottt and captivating read. Once I started reading, I couldn’t put the book down as it features non-stop action and steamy scenes between Ashlyn and Maddox. I also enjoyed all the Greek Mythology references in the book and found the rest of the Immortal Warriors irresistible.First, there is Ashlyn Darrow who has always had a special ability of being able to ‘hear’ spoken conversations wherever she stands– no matter how long ago they occurred, Employed by the World Institute of Parapsychology, she helps the institute search for other people, who like her, have special abilities, and together find a way to make those powers benefit mankind. Her newest assignment (in Budapest) is finding a group of strange men the townspeople say have strange abilities no one can explain – some even go so far as to call them angels. Unable to live a normal life since she is hounded by the voices she hears, wherever she might go, Ashlyn can’t wait to meet up with these men and see if maybe they can help her control her ‘gift’.While climbing up a mountain, en route to the strange men’s residence, Ashlyn’s team is killed and she is captured by one of the strangers. Very quickly, she learns that her life will forever be changed.Then there’s Maddox – one of the Lords of the Underworld – an immortal who was cursed by the gods for killing Pandora. As punishment, he must die in the same manner Pandora was killed at midnight each night. When he meets Ashlyn, Maddox immediately senses there is something different about her. The demon inside him – Violence – senses this as well and against his better judgment, Maddox takes Ashlyn to the home he shares with the rest of his friends and immortal warriors.Viewing Ashlyn’s presence as a threat, his fellow housemates all try to convince him to get rid of her, but Maddox can’t hear them over the overwhelming need he feels for Ashlyn when she’s near him. Ashlyn is likewise attracted to Maddox – whom she finds blissful silence in as the voices she always hears are finally silenced when she’s with him. Aside from Maddox and Ashlyn, there are bigger things going on. Zeus is no longer ruler of the heavens. The Titans have escaped and Cronus now heads the new management. His first decree for the warriors is to kill a group of American women who happen to be vacationing in Budapest.The warriors, not wanting to spill innocent blood, take the women (Danika, her mother, grandmother, and sister) as prisoners to their home, hoping to find a way around Cronus’ decree before the warrior Aeron (who was ordered to kill them) is driven mad with bloodlust. One warrior in particular, Reyes, hopes to find a solution soon as he finds Danika extremely alluring.Soon everything is turned upside down as Ashlyn discovers the true goals of the organization she works for. To save Maddox and his friends, she must now escape the institution she believed to be her family. Can she bring herself to let go of the only world she’s ever known for the sexy warrior she can’t seem to live without?