The Darkest Pleasure - Gena Showalter The Darkest Pleasure was definitely a pleasure to read! This book did not offer one central story – it had three! *fans self*First, there was Reyes (a Lord of the Underworld, keeper of the demon, Pain) who is suffering because he is apart from the human, Danika, whom he can’t stop thinking about. He fights to keep his emotions at bay, knowing that Danika must remain hidden so that his fellow warrior, Aeron, will not find her – or her family – and kill them. Through a twist of fate, Reyes is reunited with Danika and not even the King of the gods, Cronus, can tear them apart.Next, there is Paris (a Lord of the Underworld, keeper of the demon, Promiscuity) who meets Sienna, a human female who stirs his demon like no other woman has ever been able to. For the first time in his existence, he longs to be with a woman more than once and he couldn’t be happier to experience this. However this is just one problem – Sienna is shot at and dies in his arms. Overwhelmed with loss, Paris decides to call upon Cronus and see if he can bargain with him to bring her back to life – but will Paris be able to pay the price Cronus demands?Finally, there is Sabin (a Lord of the Underworld, keeper of the demon, Doubt) whom we discover has a tie to the Hunter’s human leader – Dean Stefano. In the past, Sabin took Stefano’s wife as a lover. Things didn’t go so well for the pair, and Sabin’s lover committed suicide – influenced by Sabin’s demon. Stefano, full of rage, vows to hunt Sabin and his kind down, hoping to avenge his wife.Good Lord! I completely loved this book which also gave us long visits with the rest of the characters we’ve met so far. Maddox, Ashlyn, Anya, Lucien, and (Big Cheers) William also make several appearances throughout as the immortal warriors and their friends continue to hunt for the artifacts they hope will lead them to Pandora’s box.In The Darkest Pleasure, everyone is searching for the All-Seeing Eye, and you will be surprised to find out where the Lords of the Underworld find this artifact. Their greatest challenge will be to keep it safe as the All-Seeing Eye has the power to see into heaven and hell and spy on the gods themselves – a powerful weapon which would allow the gods’ enemies to know their every move. But that’s not all, it is also a portal between the two realms and the remaining demons in hell all clamor to take the artifact for themselves and get to heaven’s gates.Also, a new Lord of the Underworld is revealed – Galen, a winged immortal who harbors the demon, Hope. But Hope is not a good thing as this demon lifts your spirits only to dash them. The Hunters mistakenly believe him to be an angel and follow his every command to eradicate the other Lords of the Underworld.Reyes, along with his friends, must keep the artifact safe from: Hunters (Stefano and their leader, Galen), the demon hordes, and the gods themselves who want such a weapon that could be used against them, destroyed.There are so many plot twists and turns, deals and double-crossings, and people playing both sides of the fence in this book, I guarantee you won’t be able to put it down! There is also a new character introduced – Legion, a demon who turns out to be a female. She’s set her sights on one of the Lords of the Underworld and it’s really quite endearing and hilarious. Put down whatever you’re reading and start on the Lords of the Underworld series today – I promise you won’t be disappointed.**There are several scenes that depict ‘cutting’ and knife play as Reyes can only experience pleasure through pain and he and Danika get pretty wild in the bedroom. I enjoyed it though, and loved it when Danika tames Reyes’ demon. Here’s a taste: