The Darkest Prison (Lords of the Underworld, #3.5) - Gena Showalter The short book, The Darkest Prison, begins with Danika awakening from a bad dream. Reyes soothes her and she immediately sets to paint the images she has just envisioned. The painting shows a man Reyes does not recognize – and the man is being tortured in Cronus’ throne room. Reyes and Danika then agree to show Cronus the painting and see if the King of the gods recognizes who the man depicted in it is, thinking it could be a mutual enemy.We are then whisked to Tartarus, the prison of the gods, where Atlas (the Titan god of Strength) is tattooing his counterpart, the Greek goddess of Strength, Nike, with his name on her back. We learn that Atlas is returning the favor Nike brandished on him long ago, when the Titans were the prisoners of the Greek gods.It turns out that Atlas had tried to seduce Nike (who was one of his jailers) in hopes she would free him from Tartarus. The problem was he didn’t just seduce Nike, Atlas seduced any female jailer he could get a hold of.Nike completely fell in love with Atlas, but on the day she was attempting to free Atlas, she discovers Atlas’ trysts with the rest of the jailers and throws Atlas back in jail. As punishment for deceiving her, Nike tattoos her name on Atlas’ chest.Now that the tables have turned and the Titans are ruling the heavens, Nike finds herself in jail, and it’s Atlas’ turn to do the tattooing. But the tattoos don’t have the desired effect and both parties feel linked to one another.Nike feels disgust for herself as she can’t stop loving the man who caused her so much grief and humiliation, but little does she know that not everything is as it seems. Atlas is battling similar emotions as he can’t stop thinking about the Greek goddess and finds himself wanting to do the unthinkable – take Nike out of Tartarus and keep her as a prisoner in his own home.Will Cronus acquiesce to his request or will Atlas have to defy all of heaven to keep the woman he wants?The Darkest Prison answers this and more – such as how Atlas and Nike are tied to the Lords of the Underworld. Most importantly, The Darkest Prison gives us a glimpse of what has become of Sienna (the human Paris – keeper of the demon, Promiscuity – has fallen for)! *dies*Can’t wait to delve into the next book in the series – The Darkest Whisper!