Saved From A Killer - Miranda Stowe O…M…F…G!!! Jenna escaped! She actually survived the harrowing ordeal of being held captive by The Snatcher for 16 days! *record scratch* But wait – before you start cheering, thinking the police will finally arrest this wanted criminal, there’s a huge problem: Jenna doesn’t remember a thing. *sobs*Everything begins when Deputy Joseph Morgan finds a naked Jenna running wildly through the fields. Jenna’s immediately given medical treatment, but she’s in shock and can’t remember who held her captive – she only sees a blank spot when she tries to remember her captor’s face.The only thing Jenna responds to is Joseph’s voice as the handsome deputy makes her feel safe. For his part, Joseph has had Jenna’s face ingrained in his mind since she was reported missing. Through the course of the case, he’s had to study every little detail about Jenna, so he feels a strong connection to her and wants to protect her from the crazed killer who is still on the loose.Jenna slowly starts coming around and refuses to live her life in fear. Thinking the only way to put her ordeal in the past is to ‘fight fire with fire’, she embarks on a non-conventional method to heal herself and enlists Joseph’s help. Way in over his head, Joseph agrees to everything Jenna asks of him, even though at times he feels he shouldn’t. But Joseph can’t help himself, and his body often overrules his mind. What follows between Joseph and Jenna is not for the faint of heart, but apparently is just what the doctor orders for Jenna (Wish I could get the same treatment whenever I get sick LOL) *fans self*But as Jenna and Joseph sort things out, The Snatcher is in the background, trying to find a way to get Jenna back! We learn that he’s got access to her home, and NO ONE SUSPECTS HIM! *staggers around and faints* It’s only a matter of time before things come to a boiling point, and The Snatcher finally makes his move to get Jenna back.Caught red-handed, the police move in and apprehend local bad boy, Court Lawson. Here’s a glimpse to the character: Though, okay, the man looked damn fine in a simple t-shirt and faded pair of blue jeans, he had a chip on his shoulder the size of Antarctica, and he was just as cold. She’d never seen anything but a fuck-off gleam spark from his eyes. A deliveryman that drove a truck, distributing soda to all the vending machines in Miners Bend and surrounding counties, Lawson epitomized standoffish. No one would ever consider him a warm and caring gentleman. (Saved From A Killer, pg. 68)*jumps up and down* This is it, right? The Snatcher’s reign of terror is finally over and the town is safe, right? *feels a tingle of fear slide up my spine* I don’t know, Fellow Readers, something tells me this ordeal is NOWHERE near being over. Did the police really catch the right man? You’ll have to read Saved From A Killer to find out!Saved From A Killer was such a rollercoaster of emotions for me, but a thoroughly enjoyable and page-turning read. Trust me when I say this book will leave you thinking about the people around you, wondering how much you really know about them. It’s a quick read, about 90 PDF pages, and full of heartbreaking and suspenseful moments; you won’t be able to put it down!