Framed As a Killer - Miranda Stowe In the last book, Saved From A Killer, Court Lawson (the town’s recluse resident) is taken into custody and accused of being The Snatcher – the notorious serial killer terrorizing Miner’s Bend – when he’s caught drugging Jenna Daggert. The whole town is ready to lynch him and make him pay for his crimes except for Paige Bromin (Jenna’s cousin) who swears he’s innocent.When Paige was a child, Court rescued her, and adult Paige refuses to think the man of her (wet) dreams could ever be anything other than a hero. Instead of hearing the evidence against him, she quickly comes up with a reason why Court drugged her cousin, Jenna. You see, Court has a secret – a secret Paige is convinced she knows and discovered years ago.She believes that Court, whose mother was labeled a witch, passed on her telepathic abilities to her son, and when Jenna escapes The Snatcher and can’t remember any details about him, Court takes it upon himself to see if he can extract those memories from her subconscious – without outing his secret to anyone.Determined to prove she’s right, Paige sets out in a crusade to clear the man who’s won her heart and who she hopes will permanently replace her Battery Operated Boyfriend (Bob). It won’t be an easy thing to do, though, as she’s going to have to take on her family, the entire town, and The (real) Snatcher himself who is desperately trying to pin his crimes onto Court Lawson.Framed As A Killer is a great read full of suspense, hottt racy scenes between Court and Paige, and fast paced action you won’t soon forget!