Demon's Slave - Danielle D. Smith The first time I crossed paths with Demon’s Slave was when it was featured on my Freebie Alert on April 1, and as soon as I read the publisher’s warning, I knew I was clearing out my TBR list and reading it ASAP. LOLDemon’s Slave is a short read – only 89 pages – and it begins with Rose arguing with her father, who does not agree with Rose having a relationship with Skriker. After all, Rose is an angel and Striker is a demon.But Rose argues that Skriker is a good man, gives her gifts, and treats her right. Not wanting to hear her father a second longer, she leaves, determined to meet up with the man she loves. We learn it’s Skriker’s birthday and Rose thinks up the perfect gift to give him – her total submission for three days.Now in meeting Skriker, and seeing all the playful and sexy banter between him and Rose, I was in a tizzy in no time! I was so excited! I kept thinking, “OMG this is going to be epic!” I couldn’t wait for the birthday gift giving to get started! [gif]But I wasn’t the only exited one. Skriker couldn’t believe the woman he practically worships (or so he says) would give him such a gift. He is happy, but apprehensive Rose might not actually mean what she says.Then out of nowhere, The HUGE smile I had plastered on my face (as I read like the devil was on my heels) completely slid off my face when I read: [excerpt]What the . . .? Excuse me? “Other girls” and “lots of times”? Oh hell, no! What do you think, Askars? [gif]I thought so, Askars. What is wrong with this guy? As soon as he said that, I would have walked out the door, but for some inexplicable reason, Rose says she wants to proceed and decides to stay. *cringes at the thought of used sex toys*And just when I was about to sign off on the book, Rose tells Skriker: [excerpt]Hmm . . . I debated whether to continue. I mean surely Skriker wouldn’t mention any other girls to Rose again, and only brought it up that one time to let Rose know he was experienced, right?[gif]Okay, I will, CB. Anyhoo, I hesitantly continued, and tried to hold back the bile as I read how Rose puts on a collar and nipple clamps, all the while trying to appease my germaphobic side by telling myself Skriker surely cleaned them before using them on Rose. LOL*deep breath* Things got better, and just as the sex was getting scorching hotttt, Skriker had to open his mouth again: [excerpt][gif]I know how you feel, Simon. Rrrrrriiiiigggghttt…okay, so Rose is not the jealous type. I guess that explains it all. *rolls eyes* But when later on in the third day Skriker takes her to an empty club and shows Rose a bar stool he lost his virginity on, and finds no shame in recounting every sordid detail of it (2-3 pages worth), and then tells her:[excerpt]I immediately flipped! WTF?? I tried to calm myself thinking, I bet he’s going to burn the bar stool and tell Rose he’s done with all the mistakes in his past and he only wants her, right?WRONG. [excerpt][gif]That was the last straw for me! LOL I’m extremely forgiving in reading Erotica, hell a story doesn’t even need a plot, much less need to have any rhyme or reason to it, and I’m 100% behind it, but I just can’t handle Skriker’s past in this story. And the sole fact Rose never addresses him retelling/reliving his past and just sits there, going along with everything he says, made absolutely no sense to me. *le sigh* If only Skriker hadn't opened his mouth about his past, I would have easily given Demon’s Slave 5 kisses (because the sex is phenomenal), but since he did, my rating is considerably less. My advice, Fellow Readers, is to skim forward every time you see Skriker has more than a sentence to say. LOL