The Darkest Secret - Gena Showalter Gena Showalter and I have something MAJOR in common. You guessed it! We are both huge germaphobes! LOL In past books of the Lords of the Underworld (LOTU) Series, she’s been dropping subtle hints, but in The Darkest Secret – Book 7 of the series – her phobia jumps to the forefront as mouthwash, toothpaste, a toothbrush, and a waterfall appear in a cave within hell out of thin air (or thin backpack LOL) whenever needed. I found it extremely funny, but at the same time, my germaphobic side was very thankful!But I digress. . .The Darkest Secret is Amun’s (the LOTU Keeper of the demon, Secrets) book. I was disappointed in the last book, The Darkest Lie, as the plotline where the LOTU are searching for the artifacts to find Pandora’s box was left on the side. I’m sad to say that The Darkest Secret is no different, *sad julie*. However, there are two great things going for it. 1) Gideon and Scarlett are nowhere in this book – THANK YOU! They are out on their honeymoon, and I hope it lasts 10 years LOL2) There is a Happy Dose of William in this book that had me rolling in laughter. Loved it!I’m obligated to say that sure this book was mostly Amun’s, but he wasn’t the reason I kept reading. In The Darkest Lie, Strider (LOTU Keeper of Defeat) brings back a prisoner, a female Hunter called Haidee (she goes thru several different name spellings). Strider recognizes her as having killed their friend, LOTU Baden – ages ago and takes her to their fortress to question why she’s still alive, since he remembers her being killed.There’s a huge convoluted plot where Haidee thinks Amun is her boyfriend Micah, and in the confusion, the angels – who have taken over the fortress – realize Haidee keeps all the demons Amun trapped within himself (when he went with Aeron & William to hell and rescued Legion) at bay. The angel in charge – Zacharel – tells Amun that he needs to travel to hell, accompanied by Haidee in order to expel all his demons. How convenient :(Amun and Haidee experience a lot of things along the course of their journey. But the only memorable thing about their storyline to me was how Haidee fights her attraction for Amun. She tells Amun she can’t start anything with him because *newsflash* she’s not cheater, and in order for her to be with him, she has to break things off with her boyfriend, Micah, first.Apparently, I’ve been living under a rock, because kissing:[pic] Making out while bathing[pic]and oral sex:[pic]IS NOT CHEATING! (sign me up for that plan) LOLBut though that was the only memorable mention from the Amun/Haidee storyline, here are the storylines featured in The Darkest Secret I couldn’t get enough of. William – who is hands down my favorite character in the series (followed by Anya, then Legion) gets a lot of time in the book and he had me in stitches. He’s on a road trip with Strider and Paris, on the search for Gilly’s parents so he can kill them for the abuse they put Gilly through. I’m hoping the next book features more of him. I just see his name and a huge smile comes over my face. One very interesting tidbit was revealed when Amun and Haidee are in hell, they stumble across four new characters – the Horsemen of the Apocalypse – who were ‘created’ by William who (BRACE YOURSELVES) is actually Lucifer’s brother! *faints* What the . . .? We also see William fighting his feelings for seventeen-year-old Gilly, but not because of her age, but because William’s been cursed! That’s right – it’s said that the woman he falls in love with will unleash every evil being he ever created and bring chaos to the world! No wonder he’s been keeping her at arm’s length! LOL I can’t wait to see where that storyline leads. More William please! :) Strider (LOTU Keeper of Defeat) has acquired a new admirer – Kaia, (Harpy sister to Gwen and Bianka). It’s a challenging pair-up since Kaia had sex with Paris (LOTU Keeper of Promiscuity) and Strider can’t look past that! I can’t wait to see how things develop with them. An extremely short mention is made of Sabin – who has been begging the Unspoken Ones to return the artifact Strider gave them in exchange for Haidee. Can’t wait to see how that turns out :)I know I keep saying this of every book, but for the Love of God please get back on track and search for those artifacts! *smh* Okay, well if that isn’t possible, then just give me more of William, Anya, and Legion! Love them :)Check out my blog for details on how to hear and audio version of this review: