Connections - Selena Kitt Being an Erotica connoisseur (LOL) I am no stranger to Selena Kitt’s awesome talent and her works. Sadly, this is not one of her best stories, and if truth be told, I found it a bit depressing.Cathy, a genius who is 4 points away on her SATs to getting a perfect score is unhappy. She dropped out of college because she wasn’t learning anything new and works as a grocery cashier at Kroger – much to her mother’s dismay as she can no longer shop there. (Did I mention Cathy and her mother do not get along? )Cathy finds out how to elude caller ID and sets out to make random phone calls across the city. It seems a bit desperate on her part, but for Cathy, this is the only way to ‘connect’ with people – though she never talks to anyone and her rule is they must hang up first. This read kind of funny to me, but Cathy’s antics would never work on me as I don’t answer my phone unless I know who’s calling LOLEventually Cathy calls Seth, whose strange ‘pick-up’ line throws her for a loop and she breaks her one rule. She talks! When Seth asks her who she is, Cathy tells him she’s ‘God’ *snickers*Cathy calls Seth again and Seth is quite a charmer. Eight months pass by and Cathy no longer calls anyone, she’s been talking to Seth and to him only. By this time, they’ve exchanged pictures and know everything about each other. Seth tells Cathy he wants to meet her and Cathy agrees – though she inwardly panics and begins a crying marathon.Then there’s an awkward phone call Cathy places to her mom – a sort of good-bye call Cathy tells us, though the allusion was lost on me, since I kept thinking: Why is Cathy saying good-bye? Is Cathy going to commit suicide before Seth gets there? Or is Seth a serial killer and when Cathy lets him in, he’s going to kill her? Or is Kathy the serial killer? LOLI was wrong on all counts – it was just a call to her mother – and the ending was a bit anti-climatic for me. Or maybe it was the lack of kinky sex. Or maybe there were too many mentions of Bob Dylan in it, who I don’t listen to. Either way, it didn’t make for a great read to me. I was ready to dismiss this book, but since it’s a free read on Amazon, I’ll give it two kisses.Perhaps I’ll take the disclaimer’s suggestion and for something hotter – read Selena Kitt’s Taken – it’s also a freebie on Amazon. (It’s a MENAGE! *fans self*)