Gentlemen Prefer Succubi - Jill Myles My expectations for Gentlemen Prefer Succubi were extremely high, and had this not been the case, I would have thoroughly enjoyed this book.First we meet Jackie, a docent (fancy word for museum tour guide) who wakes up in a Dumpster. Her memory is a bit hazy of just how she ended up there, so she retraces her steps to discover the truth. Jackie finds out after a drunken night out, she has been bitten by a vampire and then had a one night stand with a fallen angel. She’s been a busy girl, but this is not the worrisome part. Turns out when this combination occurs to a person, they essentially die and come back as a succubus (female)/incubus (male). There are rules to her new life she learns the hard way, as Remy, her ‘mentor’ succubus doesn’t bother to sit down with her and educate her on all the details. We quickly find out who Jackie’s angel (Serim) maker is: Noah. A really prim and proper guy – though he’s sexy as hell. For some reason, I imagine him looking like Simon Baker:picShe can’t get enough of him, and his sweet nature has her head over heels. One thing about makers, Succubus obey them unconditionally – something that doesn’t sit well with Jackie.Later on, Jackie meets Zane, a vampire who is the typical bad boy we can’t get enough of, complete with a black leather trench coat. We see the workings of a love triangle between Noah, Jackie, and Zane– and you know I’m a sucker for those! :)But before the triangle fun part can start, there are a few things Jackie must contend with in her new life. First, her body undergoes a huge transformation. She sheds her obese (*rolls eyes*) size 14 body and whittles down to a smaller size 6. She also goes from a size B bust to double D’s and her hair turns red. Next she learns she must have sex to survive. It is a constant itch she must scratch or perish. Her eyes, a normal gray, turn bright blue when she must feed (have sex), and no one in her path is safe when this happens – though she doesn’t act on her impulses :(Jackie inadvertently stumbles into an age old war between the vampires and angels and finds herself working both sides as she’s dragged into doing favors for the separate factions. On one side, Jackie’s got a crazed vampire queen who wants Jackie to give her an angel’s halo with untold powers, and on the other is a mightier-than-thou angel who wants to use the halo to cleanse the world. Throw in the sexy and irresistible Noah and Zane and you’ve got Jackie asking: what’s a newly made succubus to do? . . .Gentlemen Prefer Succubi was at times a funny and good read, but for some reason, there are some character inconsistencies I couldn’t get past. Working in a museum, I expected Jackie to be like the only other museum diva I could compare her to: Evie from The Mummy!I thought Jackie was going to be intelligent, resourceful, and have an amazing understanding of history that would come in handy at an opportune time. Not to mention she’d be cute and a bit clumsy, the kind of gal pal you’d love to hang with. Jackie however is nothing like Evie, and I found Jackie’s ignorance quite irritating at times. Her ‘voice’ is that of a sarcastic, brainless valley girl, and I have no clue how in the world she got a job in a museum in the first place.When the transformation hit, I thought she’d go all boy crazy and put the new body she got to use. I mean when you’ve been denied something for so long, and you first get it, you go crazy with it! LOL Not Jackie, she becomes more of a prude and complains about her cursed sexual appetite. Even her succubus ‘mentor’ Remy Summore is a porn star and Jackie is disgusted by what Remy does, stating she can’t separate love from sex. *sad julie*Noah is also depicted as being so prim and proper, yet in Jackie’s hour of need, he ‘services’ her in a church confessional. When Jackie is yelling, “Oh, God!” Noah tells her not to say the name there. I guess that was his proper side ‘coming’ out. LOL I also didn’t care for the constant comments Remy and Jackie make on how disgusting and fat they were before becoming succubi, and how everyone around them is so beneath them now that they are so beautiful – like the ‘disgusting nerds’ and ‘dirty truckers’ they encounter. You’d think since they were on the other side of the fence, they wouldn’t judge people based on appearance – LOL tough luck there.Also, for Jackie being basically turned into a creature controlled by her most basest desires, the sex in this book isn’t kinky at all – not even a good ol’ trusty oral scene *sad julie*. . .But I can’t resist a fast read, especially if it has a paranormal love triangle. Also, being a fan of Simon Baker, I’ll continue with the series, setting aside my expectations and hopefully the sex will improve in the next book!