Succubi Like It Hot - Jill Myles In the second installment of The Succubus Diaires – Succubi Like It Hot, I found everything I was hoping for in this series: an action-packed paranormal romance, a great love triangle, hotter sex scenes, lots of humor, and a strong(er) female lead character. In the last book, Gentlemen Prefer Succubi, Jackie loses her job as docent in the museum, but in the sequel, she gets a new job with the New City University’s archaeological team. We begin the book at a fundraiser for the department when Jackie’s Itch makes its presence known. Good thing Noah is around to help our girl out – only something’s wrong with Noah, and he’s not too keen on having sex with Jackie.The problem? Noah tells Jackie he wants the “C” word – and Jackie pales at the thought. Apparently, our girl Jackie has been having her cake and eating it, too – jumping from Zane’s arms at night, and going to Noah’s in the daytime, so “Commitment” is the furthest thing from her mind.Noah leaves, saying he’s tired of playing Jackie’s mind games and he’ll come back when she’s ready to be with him and only him. It’s an uncomfortable ride back to Jackie’s house, but our girl is left to make do with a cold shower and pizza while she waits for Zane to sate her desires. While she waits, she realizes her Itch is coming sooner than expected, but before she can ponder if something is wrong, the pizza delivery boy arrives at her door. Then after an casual touch, the delivery boy is out cold, and Jackie can’t revive him.Panicking, Jackie calls Remy, her fellow Succubus and friend, to help her out. In the first book, Remy accidentally absorbs a fallen angel’s – Joachim – halo in her and is sometimes possessed by this evil entity, though by book 2, Remy gains control over the pesky intruder. Remy tells Jackie she thinks she might be cursed and they need to get some help to find out how they can reverse it.Afraid to go to a church and seek out an angel (who will no doubt use them for their own gains) they opt instead to go to a graveyard for help. There they meet Mae, a demoness who confirms that Jackie has been cursed. In exchange for the information, Jackie must go to New Orleans and seek out another Succubus – Delilah and give her a message. Remy knows Delilah – a brothel madam and voodoo priestess – and agrees to take Jackie there, but only if Jackie agrees to pose as her assistant and make a few stops to promote Remy’s new porn movie along the way.Jackie reluctantly agrees and manages to get Zane to go with her for when her Itch makes its presence. Zane realizes something is wrong and after a hottt scene between him and Jackie, our girl confesses she’s been cursed. Visibly shaken, Zane does the unexpected and leaves Jackie. No longer being able to depend on either Noah or Zane to help her out in her time of need, Jackie’s world seems to crumble. Then in comes Luc, a sexy French guy who’s shrouded in mystery.Red flags go off whenever Luc, the sexy stranger, is around and trouble brews as a growing trail of unconscious people (unfortunate humans Jackie touches), and dead bodies crop up, leading Jackie to believe that someone is definitely out to get her. But having racked up so many enemies, it’s hard for her to find out exactly who it is. Everything comes out at Jackie in this book and you’ll be left wondering – will she survive long enough to find out who this new sexy French stranger is, or will the curse and her secret enemy get to her first?. . .I just loved this book! There were so many different plot lines and twists masterfully crafted and intertwined in this book, you’ll never find a dull moment! Not having Noah and Zane to fall back on, and Remy being Remy – Jackie has only herself to rely on in this book – and boy is she quick on her feet :). . .There are several hilarious scenes I couldn’t get enough of and we get to see Jackie’s resourcefulness and sharp wit come forth. There are so many roadblocks in Jackie’s way, you’ll be amazed at how Jackie handles them all.1) There’s definitely something up with Luc, but with his sexy French accent and physique, what’s a Succubus to do when the Itch hits and her two boyfriends are MIA? ;)2) Delilah has got the hots for Noah and the New Orleans madam wants nothing more than to get Jackie out of her way. Will Delilah play fair and help Jackie?3) Though Remy has a handle on herself for most of the book, Joachim, the evil entity she’s absorbed, comes out to play, making more problems than poor Jackie can handle.4) The demoness, Mae, is just such an awesomely wicked character – I loved her part in this book! I hope she comes back again in other installments of the series. But she definitely throws a wrench in Jackie’s plans and you won’t believe what carrying her message will cost Jackie.5) You’ll never believe who’s trying to kill Jackie and the lengths this person goes to in trying to get rid of her.5) The love triangle SUPER HEATS up in this installment as both Noah and Zane struggle with sharing Jackie’s attention. Jill Myles accomplishes in this book something that no other author has ever managed to do with me. I CAN’T PICK A TEAM! LOL Noah and Zane are just so night and day (literally) and they both undergo HUGE sacrifices to show Jackie just how much they love her. I can’t pick between them! No wonder Jackie’s running from one hot bed to the other LOLIn this book I was leaning towards Team Zane, but then Noah isn’t far behind the trail, and aww that sexy angel pulls on my heart stings! *fans self* I just can’t take how much in love I am with both of these characters! How in the world is Jackie going to choose between them?. . . I’m so glad I continued this series, now I can’t wait to see what happens next! :)