Zane's Tale (Succubus Diaries, #2.5) - Jill Myles Zane’s Tale is a short read – about 19 pages – and gives us an insight to Zane’s point of view as he’s watching Jackie from afar.In reading the last book, Succubi Like It Hot, Zane makes a sacrifice towards the end of the book, and leaves Jackie with Noah to save her from the evil clutches of his vampire Queen.In Zane’s Tale – Jackie has moved in with Noah and she is busy packing for the archeological dig she and Noah are going to in Mexico. It’s nighttime and Noah is out for the night – leaving him vulnerable to any attack. Outside her window, Zane watches her as she’s talking to Remy on the phone.Earlier in the night, two of Zane’s fellow vampires are sent by the Queen to kill an angel, and he decides to join them. It isn’t until Zane is outside Jackie’s window that he realizes who the two vampires are really sent to kill. Since he knows Jackie will undoubtedly be hurt in the attempt to kill Noah, Zane has to act quickly and find a way to stop his two fellow vampires – or should he just allow them to kill Noah so he can keep Jackie for himself?Find out for what Zane decides to do in this short read that’s free for download on! There is no sexual content in this short read, but it’s a good companion to the series and gives you some insight into Zane’s thoughts as well at who Jackie really loves. (Aww so much for the love triangle LOL)Remember, you don’t have to own a Kindle to get free downloads from You can also read free books using the Kindle App for your laptop or iPad.