Succubus, Interrupted (Succubus Diaries, #3.5) - Jill Myles Succubus, Interrupted is a short read – about 39 pages long – but it packs a punch in continuing the series – The Succubus Diaries.With the twist Gabriel springs on Jackie at the end of My Fair Succubi, we begin Succubus, Interrupted with Jackie and company trying to break into a museum to continue in their search for the missing halos. Remy and Zane are at odds, fighting and bickering at every turn and Jackie is at the end of her rope putting up with their behavior. But when the girls run across a phallic statue and Remy bursts into tears, Jackie realizes something is bothering her best friend.Coming up empty handed at the museum, Jackie prods Remy for information and finds out Remy, (who has only one living master left as her vampire master died long ago) has traded 100 years of freedom from Isaiah, her angel master, in exchange for 100 years of servitude. Remy’s 100 years of freedom are up and she must now report to Isaiah and live up to her end of her promise. Upon learning her fate, Jackie immediately offers to help her friend.Coming off a high from My Fair Succubi and my encounter with the ‘Obey My Master’ command function, I was saddened to see there was a negative side to it as well. *sad julie* In this book, we see that Ethan and Remy have started a relationship and I love them together, so of course he quickly comes on board, determined to help his ‘Remiza’ however he can. Zane also comes along for the ride and together they all try to find a way to free Remy from Isaiah.Isaiah is all sorts of creepy as he runs a cult-like compound where the women he keeps there serve him unconditionally. It was an all around uncomfortable read knowing what Isaiah expected of ‘his women’, and I was on board getting Remy away from him, ASAP!Succubus, Interrupted is a sweet & good read, and a great addition to the series. The reason it gets 3 Kisses is because it was too short and the hottt scenes were a bit rushed, though I LOVED the ending of this book. You’ll never believe who comes to Remy’s rescue at the end!I can’t wait to continue reading the series and find out what happens next!