Slave to her Desires (Succubus Diaries, #3.6) - Jill Myles I was very confused with this story. I dived right into the book, without reading the summary and I thought this was somehow a continuation of Jackie’s story. However, this was not the case. Though we do see Noah in this short read, none of the other characters from The Succubus Diaries make an appearance in Slave To Her Desires.We meet Olivia, a succubus who was turned more than a hundred years ago who’s been a slave to her sadistic vampire master. If Succubus Interrupted, showed us a dark side to the ‘Obey Your Master’ command function, Slave To Her Desires amps up the negative factor x 100. *even sadder julie*Aside from torturing her every which way possible and playing cruel mind games with her, Olivia’s vampire master, Aloysius’ favorite past time is having Olivia swallow razor blades. :(Naturally, Olivia runs from Aloysius and wants to seek her angel master, David, and beg him to kill Aloysius. There’s just a few problems. David has been missing for years and loves Aloysius like a brother. Through the course of the story we find out why David has been missing. Turns out, Aloysius placed a sleeping spell on David and only Olivia can wake him up.With Noah’s help, Olivia finds David and revives him, but David’s not of much use. Not only is he having a hard time acclimating to the new era, he also finds it hard to believe Aloysius is so evil and cannot be redeemed. One positive thing though, is that David still has feelings for Olivia, and gives her happiness she hasn’t experienced in ages. Together they must find out if what they feel is strong enough to take on Aloysius, or will they fall prey to the evil vampire once more?-0-0-0-0-0-0-I thought this was a good read, though I couldn’t get on board with David. He just seemed like such a weak character, and it seemed like Olivia was on her own trying to solve her problem. The sex scenes were very well written, but again, I just couldn’t get it together with David.Ultimately though, the reason I gave this book such few kisses was because it had nothing to do with The Succubus Diaries as Olivia doesn’t make an appearance in the series whatsoever. If there had just been a tie-in or something explaining the purpose of these characters, perhaps I would have given it more kisses.I recommend reading Slave To Her Desires only if you really love all things succubus and have a thing for angst and torture. Also, I recommend reading it after Book 4 of the series since it doesn’t make sense to read it before as no characters in this book crossover to series.