Wilder's Mate - Moira Rogers A Quick Introduction to the Bloodhounds SeriesWelcome to the world of the Bloodhounds – a time reminiscent of the Old West mixed with science, alchemy, and magic. Vampires run rampant in these times and the only salvation of the populace is a secretive organization called the Guild.To counteract the vampires and their minions called ghouls (former humans who cannot be saved) the Guild has created Bloodhounds. Usually they are men, who being near death, are given a second chance at life and changed into creatures who shift into large wolves. The Bloodhounds have extra strength, agility, elevated body temperature, and heightened senses, but their power has drawbacks, too. Once every full moon, their animal side takes over and they can cause massive destruction. Plus, they are plagued with an insatiable sexual hunger that drives them to a near state of insanity.During this full moon, you’ll usually find Bloodhounds holed up in the nearest brothel quenching their sexual desires to soothe their beast. Some have settled down and taken mates, but in these dangerous times when living to an old age is unheard of, it’s not wise for Bloodhounds to do this, as they are truly devoted to their mates and without them, they will die.Women are powerless to resist them as they are bigger, stronger, and downright sexier than anyone else around. And when you’re around one, you can’t think straight or focus on anything because there’s only one thing on your mind. *fans self* So what do you say? Do you have what it takes to take on a Bloodhound? Read on and find out!----------In Wilder’s Mate, we meet Satira, a female who dresses like a man and who is an assistant to Nathaniel, an inventor for the Guild. Nathaniel has been kidnapped and the Guild sends Wilder (a Bloodhound) to retrieve him.Much to Wilder’s surprise, Satira is a take-charge girl and tells him she’s coming along to rescue her boss. After all, who better than her to use all the devices she and Nathaniel have invented to fight off vampire hordes?Wilder reluctantly agrees, and decides to use her as bait to lure out the vampire who has taken Nathaniel. On a pit stop in a nearby brothel, tomboy Satira gets transformed into a beauty Wilder can’t resist.We also meet Archer, another Bloodhound who works for the Guild and is undercover. But his actions are more than questionable, and he has Satira and Wilder wondering if he is a friend or foe.Before long, Satira’s rescue mission gets put on the backburner as the Bloodhound in her sights consumes her thoughts and nights in the most sinful of ways.But with the new moon approaching them, will Satira be enough to appease Wilder’s beast, or will he sate his desires elsewhere? And what of Nathaniel – will Satira ever find him or is he just another casualty in the vampire war? Do yourself a favor and pick up Wilder’s Mate today! :)http://readourlipsblog.blogspot.com/2012/05/review-wilders-mate-bloodhounds-1-by.html#more