Merrick's Destiny - Moira Rogers Exclusively for sale at All Romance, Merrick’s Destiny begins as two sole survivors of an airship crash emerge from the wreckage. The pilot, Paralee, and one of the passengers, Merrick (a Bloodhound), must hurry and find shelter before ghouls or vampires happen upon them in the Deadlands. Merrick is momentarily stunned, and can’t quite remember how he got there or who the alluring woman by his side is, though he feels a strong pull to her from the start.The two survivors take cover in a cave for the night and agree to head out towards an old Guild outpost to regroup and get back to city. But there’s a problem – the new moon is almost upon them and there’s no time for Merrick to make it to a brothel. Will Paralee satisfy the Bloodhound’s desires, or will they both fall victim to the hordes of ghouls and vampires chasing them down?I must warn you, Fellow Readers, thoughthis is a short read, it is a:ROL HotReadsDrop what you’re reading and sink your teeth into this action-packed, hottt story! You won’t regret it. :)